Chapter 102: B*stard (Part Two)

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“Yang Kai?” The Emperor thought for a moment and said, “When my father waged war against the Shang Empire, Yang Kai led an army even though he was young, and he conquered Su State, Hui State, and Qin State. With only 20,000 soldiers, he wiped out 90,000 elite soldiers of Shang. After that big war, Yang Kai led soldiers and fought several rebel forces. In the last battle with Shang, my father gave Yang Kai the task of managing all the logistics, and he did everything well. However, he hasn’t managed anything in close to 15 years. I’m afraid that he might not be able to…”

The Emperor turned around and ordered, “Sui Buwei, invite the King of Xu State to Smooth Spring Garden for a meeting.”

Su Buwei nodded and quickly asked someone to do it.

Seeing that the Emperor didn’t reject his proposal, Luo Weiran heaved a sigh of relief in secret before saying with hesitation, “I thought of two more people, but I didn’t tell you since I was afraid of being reprimanded. Now, I’m feeling guilty. I shouldn’t be so hesitant when recommending talents.”


“Your Majesty, do you still remember the Two Liangs?”

“Mou Liangbi, Zong Lianghu… How can I forget them?” the Emperor heaved a long sigh and asked after sitting back onto the heatable brick bed, “Are the two of them still locked up?”


“After being locked up for more than a dozen years, they should be more reserved, right?” the Emperor said after thinking for a bit, “Take them out and bring them over alongside the King of Xu State.”

“Your Majesty, I have something else to report.”

“What is it?”

“Before I came in, Zhuo Buyi sent me an urgent report. He said that a few gongzi from big families have conflicts with border soldiers who are having a gathering in Guest-Prosper Dwell. There might be shady stuff happening.”

“Border soldiers’ gathering?” The Emperor froze for a second before asking, “Three years ago, those border soldiers gathered in Guest-Prosper Dwell, and you were worried that they might be up to something. You monitored them yourself. Is it Zhou Buyi’s turn this time? You don’t need to monitor these people; I trust these elite border soldiers.”

“Your Majesty trusts them, but some people look down on them.”

-In Guest-Prosper Dwell-

Zhang Kuang refilled Fang Jie’s liquor cup and said with a smile, “We are used to these kinds of things. Those with big backgrounds usually aren’t this arrogant. A few days ago, we met Royal King Yi and Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, who were fishing by a river. Seeing us, Royal King Yi even got up and asked caring questions before giving each of us 50 silver taels.”

Zhang Kuang continued, “However, those big families on the verge of collapse can’t do anything to reverse the situation, so they would always be arrogant to show their status, not wanting others to see the truth.”

He pointed at the second floor and said, “Who doesn’t know that Yangtze-South Wang Family is on the decline?”

“These declining families still have many henchmen,” Fang Jie said while looking in one direction, and Mo Xidao and Zhang Kuang both sneered.

Lieutenant Wang Wei of White-Water City walked down. After a bit of hesitation, he continued walking this way. Clearly, his expression turned ugly after seeing so many peers.

He heard everything that Wang Ding said when they came in, but he still chose to stand behind Wang Ding and not gather with his peers.

“Brother Mo.” Wang Wei walked over and said with a troubled expression, “I wasn’t trying to decline your invitation yesterday on purpose. I accepted Gongzi Wang’s invitation first, so it isn’t good to go back on my words. Please accept my apology.”

“Since others invited you first, we can’t blame you for it.” Zhang Kuang didn’t want to create animosity, so he stood up and said, “We only want to connect and talk with each other; there isn’t anything important.”

“After I got upstairs, I got into an argument with Wang Ding.” Wang Wei sighed and said, “This guy’s words are harsh, but he isn’t a bad person. After I almost flipped out, he realized what he said was too harsh, so he is planning to apologize to you all. He is inviting you three upstairs, and he said that he will chug three cups of liquor to apologize. He planned to come down to invite you three personally, but he is afraid of causing more misunderstanding. Therefore, he asked me to invite you instead.”

[TL Note: Chugging down a cup of liquor is a way to apologize in ancient China.]

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