Chapter 103: Drawing on the Ground and Creating a Prison (Part One)

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Wang Wei wasn’t angry after Mo Xidao cussed at him. Mo Xidao was clearly the type who was brave but couldn’t calculate that much.

Nothing big would happen to Mo Xidao and Zhang Kuang after they entered the private room where the First Emperor’s writing was protected. Even if the Ministry of War learned about it, Mo Xidao could say that he didn’t know about the specialness of this room, and he would only be reprimanded at the most.

Wang Wei was waiting for Mo Xidao to get angry and break open the door.

Trespassing and damaging were two different things.

When Zhang Kuang failed to pull back Mo Xidao, he knew that they were finished. After breaking open the door and hearing the shouts, Mo Xidao also realized what happened. As if someone poured a bucket of cold water down his head, he calmed down and sweated profusely.

“Despicable!” Mo Xidao cussed as he pointed at Wang Wei.

Wang Wei shrugged and smiled while backing to Wang Ding’s side. Wang Ding already stationed someone by the gate of Guest-Prosper Dwell. Seeing Mo Xidao breaking open the door, the servant instantly rushed toward the office of the local government.

The border soldiers on the first floor didn’t know what was happening, and they all stood up and looked up at the second floor.

Although others didn’t know what happened, Fang Jie instantly figured it out. Not long ago, Zhang Kuang told him about how the First Emperor inspected Chang’an in disguise and ate at Guest-Prosper Dwell several times. However, Fang Jie didn’t expect Wang Ding to be so cunning, luring Mo Xidao into the room where the First Emperor stayed and causing him to break the door!

Mo Xidao could be charged with rebellion if he was unlucky!

Wang Ding stood on the second floor and laughed. He pointed Mo Xidao who was dragged by Zhang Kuang and said, “I knew that people like you are idiots. But today, I also realized that you are rebels as well. There is no excuse! As a member of Great Sui, I can’t sit and watch others destroy the things that the First Emperor had used. I already sent someone to report to the local government of Chang’an. Just wait to be imprisoned! Even if you aren’t going to be executed, don’t dream about coming out of prison. Do you want to get into the Martial Arts Academy? Hahaha!”

“I will kill you first!” Mo Xidao who had drunk a lot of liquor instantly became enraged, and he took a big step forward, trying to kill Wang Ding.

Zhang Kuang quickly wrapped his arms around Mo Xidao’s waist from the back and said in a hurry, “Brother Mo, don’t fall into his trap again! He is trying to enrage you! If you do anything, they will say that you were disrespectful toward the First Emperor, and you want to kill them after they tried to stop you. If you do anything more, you can’t get out of this mess!”

“There is someone smart here,” Wang Ding laughed and said while pointing at Mo Xidao’s nose, “Criminal, even if you don’t do anything, you have already disrespected the First Emperor. Who can help you? Whoever helps you will be burning themselves. If I were you, I would kneel and beg for mercy. Perhaps we will say good things about you to the local government since you are a border soldier who sacrificed for the nation. Of course, you can also dash over and see if you can kill us all. If we died, no one will be able to accuse you of anything. There are only border soldiers below, and you guys can make up a story. However, if they help you today, who knows if they will die soon mysteriously.”

Mo Xidao’s body shivered more aggressively, and he stared at Wang Ding with fury in his eyes. As Wang Ding talked more and more, Mo Xidao’s eyes got redder and redder.

“Brother Mo, don’t listen to him! Let’s walk down and surrender to the local government!” Zhang Kuang walked toward the first floor with his hands around Mo Xidao’s waist.

Wang Ding snorted and ordered while waving his hand, “Stop them! Want to escape now? Don’t even think about it! I already said that unless you kill us all, you can’t get off the second floor of Guest-Prosper Dwell! Since you broke the items that the First Emperor used, we need to safeguard the evidence, and we can’t let you, the main perpetrator, get away!”

The few young masters from big families walked up and blocked different paths, and their servants rushed forward, surrounding Zhang Kuang and Mo Xidao.

“Big Brother! It is my fault!” Zhang Kuang tried to dissuade Mo Xidao. “If I didn’t try to maintain the peace, we wouldn’t have fallen into their trap! We can’t avoid this, but we also can’t injure more people. If we do anything more, they would pin more crimes on us!”

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