Chapter 103: Drawing on the Ground and Creating a Prison (Part Two)

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“Yeah… we can’t avoid this.” Hearing Zhang Kuang’s words, Mo Xidao’s tensed-up body suddenly relaxed. He turned his head and looked at Zhang Kuang before saying, “Let’s go; I will listen to you. I won’t do anything; the worst is that I will spend the rest of my life in prison.”

Zhang Kuang froze for a second before hesitating and letting go of Mo Xidao. “Brother Mo, we aren’t in the wrong, and we are afraid of nothing! Will the government only listen to their one-sided story? They tricked us! If we explain ourselves, the government wouldn’t wrong us!”

“Yeah… the government wouldn’t wrong us…” Mo Xidao suddenly laughed. He turned toward Zhang Kuang and said, “In fact, since I came back from Eastern Chu alive, I have been thinking about it. Is the government really fair?”

He suddenly grabbed onto Zhang Kuang’s belt and threw him toward the first floor.

“I’m loyal to Great Sui and killed 150 enemies in my life! Everyone I killed is an enemy of Great Sui, but it seems like I will make an exception today! Since I already did this, there is nothing that I can say. It would be strange if the government believe that I’m framed. Can’t you see the true nature of the government? I, Mo Xidao, am a righteous man; how can I be imprisoned? Since I’m wronged today, I will turn the situation so that I’m not wronged anymore!”

The murderous spirit instantly spread out of Mo Xidao’s body.

The intense chilly presence engulfed the second floor, and Wang Ding and others were shocked and took several steps backward. They didn’t expect Mo Xidao to carry such chilling murderous spirit. Young people like them from big families couldn’t understand how bloody the border soldiers were!

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“Brother Mo, don’t do anything stupid!”

After Zhang Kuang turned in mid-air and landed on the first floor, he shouted back at Mo Xidao and begged. Although most of the border soldiers only met today, the same background made them intimate with each other.

Zhang Kuang knew that if Mo Xidao did anything else today, the situation would be irreversible.

Zhang Kuang turned around to find Fang Jie. “Brother Fang, try to dissuade Brother Mo from doing anything irrational! We got tricked and barged into the room that the First Emperor used!”

The border soldiers had already gathered, and some people were charging up the stairs, trying to bring Mo Xidao back.

When Zhang Kuang turned around and shouted, people realized that the young man who sat with Mo Xidao and Zhang Kuang earlier was gone. None of them knew when that young man ran out of Guest-Prosper Dwell.

“Coward!” someone cussed, “Running away after seeing danger; how can he be a brother?”

“How come there is a scum among border soldiers?”

While the border soldiers got angry, someone suddenly dashed into the building.

Bam! Someone got tossed into the building, and he knocked over a table, making the liquor and food fall onto his body.

People looked toward the door and saw Fang Jie walking in. The person who got tossed into the building was Wang Ding’s servant who went to report to the local government.

Zhang Kuang looked a little ashamed for doubting Fang Jie, and he nodded at Fang Jie to show appreciation.

Fang Jie nodded back at Zhang Kuang and ignored the surprised and apologetic glances from other border soldiers. He walked to the stairs and said to Mo Xidao, “Brother Mo, regardless if we got framed or not, we can’t avoid it. However, you are right about one thing. We border soldiers are righteous, and we will turn ourselves in even if we did something wrong. If people stop you from turning yourself in, none of us will allow it!”

“Right!” Zhang Kuang’s eyes lit up as he instantly understood what Fang Jie was trying to do. He raised his arms and shouted, “Brother Mo and I are going to the local government and the Ministry of War to turn ourselves in! Let’s go on our own! Anyone who stops us must be up to no good!”

More than 100 border soldiers on the first floor all shouted, “Who dares to stop them? We won’t watch on the side!”

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