Chapter 104: His Majestic Has Arrived (Part One)

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Fang Jie looked at the strange scene, and his heart started to race. He felt like he was inside a video that was put on pause. This feeling was indescribable!

The border soldiers on the first floor had different cultivation strength, but none of them was able to get away from this scene that seemed like a time-freeze. They were all like statues.

Fang Jie felt like if someone pressed the play button, these people who froze in mid-air might fall and shatter into pieces.

On top of these border soldiers, there were also the waiters, other customers, and people like Wang Ding.

The strangest thing was that not everything froze in time; only people were frozen.

The vapor from the teapots was still rising, and Mo Xidao’s shattered robe continued to fly in the air.

When Fang Jie looked at Mo Xidao, he saw that this violent man seemed to be struggling. His upper body muscles seemed to be moving, and the unyielding intention became stronger and stronger in his eyes. However, he couldn’t break free.

Drawing on the ground and creating a prison; Fang Jie memorized these words.

When he chatted with the crippled old man, the latter mentioned this to him. At the time, Fang Jie thought that the crippled old man was only describing a mental state; he didn’t think that someone’s cultivation strength could be this insane. Because Fang Jie had a great memory, he didn’t forget who the crippled old man talked about when mentioning these words – Zhuo Buyi.

This man got inspired and created this technique.

While Fang Jie was completely shocked, he got stunned one more time. Guest-Prosper Dwell wasn’t frozen in time; vapor was rising, and broken robe pieces were flying. At this moment, someone pushed open the door of a private room and walked out with his hands behind his back, looking at ease.

This man was able to move around easily in Guest-Prosper Dwell that was under Zhuo Buyi’s control.

Fang Jie’s pupils instantly contracted upon seeing this person.

This person was wearing fancy clothes that seemed ordinary in comparison to that of Wang Ding, and he had no other luxurious accessories on him. It was simple, but he looked grand. When he got to the staircase on the second floor and looked down, he slowly shook his head, and it appeared that he murmured something.

Fang Jie didn’t hear anything, but he saw this man suddenly looking toward him with shock as well. Just like how surprised Fang Jie was when he saw this man ignoring Zhuo Buyi’s control over the area, this man looked at Fang Jie in surprise as well as if something was stunning about him.

There was something strange about Fang Jie.

Everyone else maintained their postures when Zhuo Buyi took control of the area, but Fang Jie stood straight, and his hands were shaking.

When this man looked over in surprise, Fang Jie got shocked as well. He suddenly realized that aside from the man looking down from the second floor, there was someone else who wasn’t completely frozen… and it was him.

“Come up.”

Fang Jie heard the man in fancy clothes on the second floor saying these two words and beckoning at him.

Fang Jie took a deep breath, suppressed his anxiety, and tried to move his legs. He discovered that even though it felt like his legs weighed thousands of kilograms, and it was extremely hard to move his legs, it wasn’t impossible. He clenched his teeth and tried his best. Although one of his feet was only lifted off the ground for a few centimeters, it was shocking enough for people who knew what was going on.

No one knew what cultivation level Mo Xidao was at, but he was sure stronger than Fang Jie; he was stronger than most of the people in this place. However, he couldn’t break free at all.

Fang Jie only move a little bit, but sweat already trenched his clothes.

The shock in the eyes of the person on the second floor was gradually replaced by curiosity and appreciation. He was surprised that an insignificant figure who he didn’t even want to pay attention to had brought him so many surprises. Because of this insignificant figure, he took down Yu Donglai, the Head of the Ministry of War, and controlled Luo Wen, Luo Yao’s only son. He might even be able to reach an agreement with Luo Yao himself!

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