Chapter 104: His Majestic Has Arrived (Part Two)

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Today, this insignificant figure brought him another surprise.

Hou Wenji looked at the young man who moved one small step with difficulty. Although he seemed relatively calm on the surface, his mind wasn’t calm at all. While looking at this young man, his lips started to curve upward.

He beckoned at this young man and asked him to come up; he wanted to see if this young man could do it. Although Zhuo Buyi didn’t use this technique to the max, not many people could break free. However, a wastrel like Fang Jie who couldn’t cultivate was breaking free!

“This incident became boring after Buyi did his thing, but I’m surprised that you brought me such a big surprise. Little guy, what secrets are there in your body? It seems like I didn’t only control Junior General Luo; there will also be Junior General Fang in the future?” Hou Wenji murmured to himself, and the curiosity intensified in his eyes.

At the same time, Zhuo Buyi who sat in his horse-drawn carriage with his eyes closed suddenly sensed something. He opened his eyes, lifted the curtain, and looked toward the restaurant.

“Interesting…” He couldn’t help but smile and sigh, “All of us misjudged you.”

In Beckon of the Red Sleeve that was far away from Guest-Prosper Dwell, the crippled old man was sitting in the backyard and staring at the dead tree that Fang Jie broke, blanking out. He could be reminiscing about something, or his mind could be empty.

Just as he was about to grab the giant liquor gourd on the side, he suddenly froze for a moment before looking into afar.

“Drawing on the ground and creating a prison?” he murmured to himself before disappearing.

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Guest-Prosper Dwell had always been bustling, but it was never this chaotic.

When Zhuo Buyi got off his horse-drawn carriage, the 300 royal guards stationed outside Guest-Prosper Dwell all moved.

Godly Eye Liu Duxiu instantly blocked the street with a group of royal guards, and the rest of them charged into the restaurant.

When Liu Duxiu walked into the building, Fang Jie had taken four steps. However, these four steps were shorter than two ordinary steps, but he was sweating profusely already.

Fang Jie turned around to look at the royal guards who were rushing into the building, then he looked at the man in fancy clothes who was looking down at him from the second floor.

The first royal guard who charged into the building shouted, “Don’t move!”

Then, he realized how stupid that was.

When Liu Duxiu entered, he saw only one person moving. Just as he was about to stop this young man who was in a border soldier’s uniform, he saw the Department Head on the second floor shaking his head at him.

Therefore, he backed off and told others not to disturb this young man as well.

Fang Jie wanted to give up; these four steps almost depleted all his energy.

However, he seemed to have a strong will; he wasn’t willing to be restrained. This strong will made his consciousness fuzzy, then his eyes started to turn bright red.

Since he ran into the special assassins of the Intelligence Department who ambushed him on his way to the Capital, Fang Jie hadn’t entered this state. He even gradually forgot about that manic feeling. Therefore, when he recalled that moment, he felt like he was only enraged and became a little berserk.

However, his eyes turned completely red today once again.

When his eyes turned completely red, his body slowly straightened; Fang Jie was completely unaware of this. His muscles somehow became as tough as stone, and he took a big step forward.

Crack! When his foot landed, the tough green stone tile shattered into many pieces.

Fang Jie was like a berserk ox, and he moved forward one step at a time. Red-eyed, he walked around those border soldiers who froze on the spot before walking up the stairs. Although he wasn’t fast, his steps were steady. When he got to the second floor, Hou Wenji who had observed everything wanted to clap and cheer!

On the roof of Golden Guest House that was across the street from Guest-Prosper Dwell, the crippled old man who was hiding behind the ridge reacted. Although he couldn’t see Fang Jie, he could feel the unyielding will. This unyielding will seemed to be turning more violent and unsteady.

The crippled old man’s expression was serious.

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