Chapter 104: His Majestic Has Arrived (Part Three)

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After getting to the gate of Guest-Prosper Dwell, Zhuo Buyi couldn’t help but look back at the roof of Golden Guest House. However, he didn’t say anything. After a quick pause, he walked into Guest-Prosper Dwell. When he got into the building, Fang Jie was already on the second floor. After a quick pause, this red-eyed young man chose to walk forward.

Just as everyone thought that he was going to stop before the man in fancy clothes, Fang Jie stopped again.

His eyes landed on Mo Xidao, and he slowly reached out his hands and moved the hand on Wang Ding’s throat away.

No one saw that Fang Jie’s arms that were covered by his sleeves had turned red as if blood was boiling underneath his skin and could break through at any time.

Hou Wenji was surprised, and Zhou Buyi was stunned.

“This young man is still thinking about stopping Mo Xidao from killing others under impulse?” they thought to themselves.

In the next second, Zhuo Buyi appeared on the second floor and blocked Fang Jie.

Fang Jie’s attention was pulled by him, and the pair of red eyes slowly landed on Zhuo Buyi’s face.

Then, he let go of Mo Xidao’s hand and suddenly punched toward Zhuo Buyi’s face!

Hou Wenji’s eyes lit up, and Zhuo Buyi moved to the side before touching Fang Jie’s arm. Fang Jie’s aim instantly shifted, and he punched a pillar.

Bam! A big hole appeared in the thick pillar made of a pine tree; it felt like a monster took a bite out of the thick pillar.

While wooden pieces flew in all directions, Zhuo Buyi raised his finger and press onto Fang Jie’s chest 18 times. He was incredibly fast; it felt like he only moved once.

Now, Fang Jie couldn’t move at all. Zhuo Buyi used his mind to freeze everyone in the building earlier, but now he created a smaller prison around Fang Jie’s body this time. Although it seemed like this prison was smaller compared to the first one, it was much stronger.

The crippled old man who was hiding behind the ridge on the roof of Golden Guest House calmed down and disappeared.

Not long after he disappeared, a senior in a sapphire fancy robe appeared where he was a moment ago. This senior seemed to be about 50 years old, and he stood straight like a spear. He frowned and looked around before sighing, “You took away that woman from my hand that night; why are you afraid of facing me today?”

This senior murmured before turning his eyes toward Guest-Prosper Dwell.

Hou Wenji looked at Zhuo Buyi with interest and said with a smile, “It seems like you are overly concerned about this young man.”

“It seems like you are now interested in this young man as well,” Zhuo Buyi replied calmly, but he was staring at Fang Jie’s red eyes. Although Fang Jie couldn’t move, he was still trying to break free instinctively. At this moment, he suddenly groaned, and the redness in his eyes faded away. Then, his body twitched a few times uncontrollably.

Zhuo Buyi removed his technique on Fang Jie, and the latter turned soft and fell.

The young man’s face was pale like snow, and his body started to twitch after groaning. He tumbled on the ground with his hands on his abdomen, and he soon fainted.

Zhuo Buyi squatted down and looked at Fang Jie while frowning.

Then, he snapped his fingers, and the stillness in the building was removed.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Many people lost their balance and fell to the ground, but they didn’t shatter into pieces like how Fang Jie imagined.

In the chaos, Wang Ding wasn’t able to regain his balance, and someone appeared in front of him and slapped his face.

Bam! Wang Ding flew out like a cannonball and smashed into a table on the first floor, turning that table into pieces.

While everyone was in shock, a loud announcement sounded on the street.

“His Majesty has arrived!”

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