Chapter 105: Seven Qi-Points (Part One)

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The person who slapped Wang Ding wasn’t Mo Xidao but Hou Wenji. Others didn’t even see how Hou Wenji appeared before Wang Ding and slapped him, sending the latter flying like a cannonball.

While everyone was in shock, a loud announcement stunned everyone to their cores.

“His Majesty has arrived!”

For the people inside Guest-Prosper Dwell, their minds that had gradually calmed down was struck once more.

Many border soldiers and customers had lost balance and fell onto the ground earlier, and they heard this announcement before they could get up. Without question, this was more shocking than thunder.

Since Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi inherited the throne, he had never been so close to the residents of Chang’an. Compared to his father, Yang Yi was extremely lowkey. His father loved touring Great Sui in disguise, and he also inspected different areas of Chang’an with many officials. He would frequently appear in the city in high-profile.

However, Yang Yi rarely left the Royal Palace in the last 11 years.

There wasn’t a huge team of people as the Emperor appeared abruptly; there were only a few dozens of guards. The appearances of some influential figures were grander than this. Yang Yi was called the most low-key and mildest emperor of Great Sui; there was a reason for it.

Among the people around the Emperor, only three of them were close to him. However, the Emperor was well-protected from all angles.

On the left, there was Luo Weiran who was in a flying-fish robe. On the right, there was a red-robbed daoist. Behind the Emperor, there was Eunuch Su Buwei.

These three people were like three walls.

These three were the ones who others could see. On the roof of Golden Guest House across the street from Guest-Prosper Dwell, there was a senior in a sapphire fancy robe. He stood there and glanced at the street coldly.

After slapping away Wang Ding, Hou Wenji turned into a shadow and appeared outside the building. At the same time, Zhuo Buyi dashed out of Guest-Prosper Dwell from the second floor.

They stood on the two sides of the gate and bowed at the same time. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi slowly walked to Guest-Prosper Dwell and waved his hand, signaling Hou Wenji and Zhuo Buyi to stand up. Then, he looked up at the signboard of the building and said with a smile, “Father Emperor had told me that the crab meatball at Guest-Prosper Dwell is even better than what the Royal Kitchen could make. I always wanted to come here to have a taste, but I have been very busy and never got the chance.”

[TL Note: Father emperor is a term for the current emperor to politely address his father.]

The owner of Guest-Prosper Dwell who was kneeling in front of the gate was thrilled to hear this, but he didn’t dare to raise his head.

“Greetings, Your Majesty. I, Li An, wish you live for 10,000 years!” The owner kowtowed repeatedly.

The Emperor walked to Li An and helped him get up. He said, “I came abruptly and made you all nervous. Please get up. If I disturb the lives of the residents in the area, I would feel anxious.”

Then, he looked at Hou Wenji and Zhuo Buyi.

“Hou Wenji, how come no one told me that you are here as well?” the Emperor asked calmly, but Hou Wenji’s heart lurched. Luo Weiran and others didn’t know that he was having a secret meeting with Luo Wen. The only person who knew was Godly Eye Liu Duxiu, but Liu Duxiu didn’t know why Zhuo Buyi suddenly appeared here. When Liu Duxiu summoned these 300 royal guards, he didn’t inform anyone; it was within his power.

However, Zhuo Buyi came here as if he knew that something was going to happen at Guest-Prosper Dwell.

“I was drinking with Junior General Luo,” Hou Wenji replied with his head lowered.

The Emperor nodded and didn’t ask further questions. While walking into the grand hall, he asked Zhuo Buyi beside him, “Buyi, when I was close, I heard Luo Weiran say that you used your famous technique of creating a prison by drawing on the ground?”

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