Chapter 105: Seven Qi-Points (Part Two)

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Zhuo Buyi nodded and replied, “Your Majesty, I did use it.”

“What a pity,” the Emperor sighed, “I was a bit late. I always wanted to see this technique.”

The Emperor shook his head while he said that; it looked like he was truly disappointed not seeing Zhuo Buyi show his ability.

Before the Emperor entered the building, everyone inside already knelt on the ground.

Seeing the messy scene and the border soldiers who were kneeling on the first floor, the Emperor looked displeased as his eyes landed on Wang Ding who had fainted after Hou Wenji’s slap.

“Who is this person?” the Emperor asked.

Godly Eye Liu Duxiu who was standing on the side with his back bent quickly replied, “Your Majesty, he is Wang Ding of Yangtze-South Wang Family, and he is a participant in this year’s entrance exam. His father is Wang Yishan who had been a rank 4 deputy governor. This young man is Wang Yishan’s close elder son, and he has been famous in Yangtze-South since he was little.”

The Emperor nodded, walked to the center of the building, and raised both of his hands. “Please stand up. You guys are all great heroes who had bled for Great Sui. After you all arrived at Chang’an, I was planning to get the Ministry of War to invite you all to Smooth Spring Garden, and I wanted to thank all of you for your service with great liquor. Since I’m here, I will borrow the great liquor in Guest-Prosper Dwell and thank you now!”

The Emperor didn’t ask about what happened and only wanted to treat the border soldiers. His intention was clear.

Luo Weiran smiled and thought, “His Majesty is showing his attitude. Since Great Sui is about to wage war in the northwest, His Majesty wouldn’t reprimand soldiers.”

At this moment, he suddenly realized why His Majesty had issued an edict to select the most talented soldiers from the military to enroll in the Martial Arts Academy a long time ago. Now, it seemed like His Majesty was already planning for this military operation then.

Hou Wenji looked at Luo Weiran in confusion, but Luo Weiran only smiled and didn’t say anything.

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The royal guards quickly cleaned Guest-Prosper Dwell and reorganized the tables. The owner went to the kitchen to supervise everything, and all the stoves were ignited. The chefs didn’t dare to be sloppy, and they focused on making the dishes.

The border soldiers all sat around the tables, looking anxious.

The Emperor sat at a table close to the center and beckoned at Zhang Kuang and Mo Xidao, asking them to sit with him. These two lieutenants who weren’t afraid of death shivered when sitting beside the Emperor, especially Mo Xidao. He almost killed someone under rage after falling into the trap, and now he was sitting with the Emperor; the huge turn of events made him unable to adapt.

“I know your name is Mo Xidao,” the Emperor said with a smile, “I know that incident in Eastern Chu. The central government couldn’t give you many rewards, so I always felt guilty. Last winter, I already ordered the Ministry of War to write your name on the list of people who will participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy this year regardless of how many counts of military merit you have. Also, I already talked to Principal Zhou; you can directly enter the academy without going through the entrance exam.”

Mo Xidao was stunned. Then, he quickly stood up, took two steps back, and knelt before saying, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The Emperor smiled and replied, “No, I need to thank you. You guys are the people who are protecting Great Sui. You all fight foreign enemies, kill bandits, and eliminate rebels. Earlier, I discussed with the top-tier officials and wanted to double the salary of border soldiers. The Ministry of War and the Ministry of Revenue are looking into it, and the announcement should be made public soon.”

Then, the Emperor asked someone to help Mo Xidao get up and said, “I know that you guys probably hold some grudges. Some of the things that the central government did seem unfair. But trust me; I will slowly restore justice and remove the tumors that Great Sui has!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” All the border soldiers knelt again to thank the Emperor.

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