Chapter 106: Changed His Mind (Part One)

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Fang Jie missed the Emperor’s grand speech, and the Emperor also didn’t notice this young man who fainted and was carried to Zhuo Buyi’s horse-drawn carriage.

Seeing the Emperor chatting and having a good time with the border soldiers, even Hou Wenji temporarily forgot the young man who made his eyes shine. However, others didn’t know Hou Wenji threw out the plan that he had in his mind after seeing the Emperor drinking with these border soldiers; it was necessary.

Since the Emperor came to Guest-Prosper Dwell abruptly, he knew that he couldn’t hide some things.

The horse-drawn carriage moved on the wide street that was paved with green stone tiles, and the ride was slow and steady.

The young man lying down in the compartment seemed to be asleep, but the furrowed brows showed how much pain he was in.

Zhuo Buyi looked down at Fang Jie and couldn’t understand what was happening to this young man.

When he first met Fang Jie, this young man only had two out of 128 qi-points open. When he just took Fang Jie’s pulse, he found that this young man now had seven qi-points!

Although having seven qi-points was nothing special even for ordinary people, it was unbelievable when these qi-points appeared in Fang Jie’s body.

Zhuo Buyi pondered while frowning, but he couldn’t figure it out.

He thought that Fang Jie had the same physique as Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard, not needing a sea of qi to cultivate. Now, he realized that he was wrong.

Luo Yao’s sea of qi was shattered by someone, but he didn’t die and became a top-tier level 9 master instead. This was something that people couldn’t understand. Even Principal Zhou of the Martial Arts Academy and Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain couldn’t understand why.

Fang Jie’s physique seemed stranger than that of Luo Yao.

Principal Zhou had once estimated that Luo Yao didn’t only temper his body. Before his sea of qi was shattered, he was already a top-tier level 8 master with strong internal forces. After his sea of qi got shattered, the internal forces didn’t disappear. Instead, they infused into his body. It could be that Luo Yao obtained a unique technique and was able to use internal forces that were infused into his muscles and bones.

In theory, people stored their internal forces in their seas of qi. When they used the internal forces, they would circulate throughout the body. In a sense, the sea of qi could be interpreted as an engine. Without the engine, a car wouldn’t run. Luo Yao’s cultivation method was probably something that no one had ever seen before. Principal Zhou estimated that after his sea of qi shattered, Luo Yao somehow turned his entire body into a bigger sea of qi. This way, his internal forces would be able to continue to circulate in his body.

Since his body was his sea of qi, he was stronger than others.

Of course, all this was Principal Zhou’s estimate. Even he said that everything was hypothetical. If someone could turn themselves into a sea of qi, they would be invincible.

The difference between Fang Jie and Luo Yao was that Fang Jie didn’t have a sea of qi to begin with.

Although Fang Jie now had seven out of the 128 qi-points open, he had no sea of qi to store internal forces. In simple terms, the sea of qi could be seen as a sea, and the 128 qi points were the rivers that were connected to it. When needed, the internal forces would rush into the qi-points from the sea of qi. If someone had no qi-points, then they couldn’t unleash their strength. However, if someone didn’t have a sea of qi… they couldn’t have strength at all, not even the strength to drink and eat.

This was the biggest difference between Fang Jie and Luo Yao’s physiques.

It seemed like qi-points were useless for Fang Jie.

The more Zhuo Buyi thought about this, the messier his thoughts became. Fang Jie’s physique had many contradictions. How could there be qi-points if there wasn’t a sea of qi? Also, what were the uses of qi-points if they weren’t connected to a sea of qi? However, Fang Jie was as strong as a leopard.

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