Chapter 107: Just Like When I Was Little (Part One)

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Luo Weiran looked at the dark sky outside and couldn’t help but laugh. “How do you think Hou Wenji is going to explain himself to His Majesty?”

Zhuo Buyi was sitting in the room and drinking tea, and he smiled and didn’t answer this boring question.

Zhuo Buyi and Luo Weiran didn’t know that Hou Wenji was having a secret meeting in Guest-Prosper Dwell. When Godly Eye Liu Duxiu came back to move 300 royal guards, they guessed that Hou Wenji was inside that restaurant.

Even though they guessed that Hou Wenji was there, they didn’t know what Hou Wenji was doing. However, they could look at Guest-Prosper Dwell and figure it out.

When Zhuo Buyi saw Luo Wen who wanted to hide but had to kneel in front of the Emperor like everyone else, he knew that Hou Wenji was here to meet with this young man. Out of everyone here, only Luo Wen could be connected to Hou Wenji.

This was a simple thing to see, but Zhuo Buyi and Luo Weiran didn’t know why Hou Wenji wanted to meet Luo Wen.

Luo Weiran asked with a smile, “Do you think… the other group of assassins was sent by Luo Wen?”

Zhuo Buyi looked over and nodded. “Probably.”

Luo Weiran asked again, “Guess why Hou Wenji wants to meet with Luo Wen in secret.”

“He is probably trying to get to Senior General Luo.” Zhuo Buyi’s response was concise.

“Haha!” Luo Weiran laughed, “Hou Wenji is a smart guy, but he is a little forgetful. Although he only trusts you to a certain degree, he still forgot that I led you into the Intelligence Department. Regardless of what happens, the relationship between us would be closer than the relationship between you and him. The Royal Guard has been divided into two by that short wall, but the mind of the agency has also been separated.”

He walked into the room and sat down before saying melancholily, “Hou Wenji always wants to move the Intelligence Department from the dark into the public domain, and he wants to separate the Intelligence Department from the Royal Guard. In his mind, the Royal Guard should be responsible for the safety of His Majesty, and the Intelligence Department would handle all the rest. Although it seems like we have the same goal of making the Royal Guard stronger, he wants to separate the Intelligence Department away from the Royal Guard and even suppress the Royal Guard.”

“On the surface, he is only the Deputy of the Royal Guard; how could someone as proud as him accept this?” Zhuo Buyi looked at Luo Weiran and said with a smile, “Jealousy.”

Luo Weiran froze for a moment and said with a bitter smile, “You are always so mean.”

Zhuo Buyi sighed, “That is what you imply. If you are under him all these years, your mind would change too.”

“Yeah,” Luo Weiran sighed, “I’m only a nobody from the martial arts circle, yet he is from a big family. Working under me for about ten years must be hard on him.”

Zhuo Buyi shook his head and said, “Now, you should think about how to react when Hou Wenji comes back. Should you act kind or be petty? Should you comfort him or fight with him?”

“You!” Luo Weiran rolled his eyes and said, “You have been in the political circle for several years now; how come you are still acting like an outsider? It feels like everything is irrelevant to you.”

“This is irrelevant to me.” Zhuo Buyi shook his head, drank some tea, and said, “When you brought me into the Royal Guard years ago, I told you that I can’t get involved in internal conflicts. I could be a labor, but I would hide when I must take a position.”

“Now thinking back…” Luo Weiran sighed, “When you first entered the Royal Guard, you already guessed that Hou Wenji and I would be like this one day, so you said those words to avoid this.”

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