Chapter 108: You Owe Me (Part One)

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When Mu Xiaoyao walked out of Fang Jie’s room in the morning while blushing, Chen Qingshan saw the whole thing. She looked at Mu Xiaoyao’s charming figure and then at the door. In the next second, she walked into the room without hesitation.

“You did it?” Chen Qingshan walked over and asked as she looked at Fang Jie who was lying on the bed with a strange expression.

Fang Jie froze for a second before replying in anger, “Can’t you be pure-minded?”

Chen Qingshan swung her long hair and sat down beside Fang Jie. Then, she said with a smile, “Since you dare to do that, how come you don’t dare to admit it? Don’t say that you have morals, and don’t say that you don’t have the ability to do it.”

While speaking, Chen Qingshan slowly caressed Fang Jie’s chest that was exposed outside the blanket. Her fingers were slender and pretty, and her movement was enchanting.

Fang Jie was feeling hot, and he felt even more frustrated by this. He stared at Chen Qingshan in her eyes and said, “I have the ability to flip you over and slap your butt, ok?”

Chen Qingshan looked down Fang Jie’s body and couldn’t help but smile. “I believe you.”

Then, she lightly caressed Fang Jie’s lips, cheek, and ear.

Fang Jie blushed, which was rare. He was feeling awkward, especially since Chen Qingshan was looking down. It was normal for healthy young men to have morning wood, and there was a charming woman lying beside him a moment ago.

Seeing that Fang Jie started to breathe heavily, Chen Qingshan stopped what she was doing, turned around, and left without hesitation.

What frustrated Fang Jie the most was that she paused and looked back while saying, “You know that I’m weak right now, so I can’t resist if you do anything. I do believe you can flip me over. However, you don’t have the courage. Also, now I believe it is pure between you and Mu Xiaoyao.”

After saying that, she glanced at Fang Jie’s bulging body part and smiled while pouting, but Fang Jie didn’t know what she meant.

After Chen Qingshan left, Fang Jie looked down at his body and sighed, “If you are this thirsty, why don’t you flip open the blanket?”

Then, he started to laugh at his own comment.

It was pure between him and Mu Xiaoyao last night, and he followed Mu Xiaoyao’s order and only touched her chest a few times through her clothes. Before he could go through the clothes, Mu Xiaoyao kicked him to the other side of the bed without hesitation.

Perhaps Fang Jie was extremely tired, he fell asleep in the alluring atmosphere. Perhaps Mu Xiaoyao’s scent was like a sleeping pill, Fang Jie had a great night sleep. When he opened his eyes again, Mu Xiaoyao was already up and straightening her clothes. Through the messy clothes, Fang Jie saw a stretch of fair and soft skin.

Fang Jie took a good look, then he discovered Mu Xiaoyao looking at him with hidden disappointment.

This beauty who was hard to guess kicked Fang Jie back onto the bed, blushed, and gave Fang Jie a hard stare before going away.

Until now, Fang Jie still didn’t know why Mu Xiaoyao glared at him, kicked him, and blushed.

After putting on his clothes, Fang Jie moved around and found that nothing was strange. He heaved a sigh of relief, grabbed the saber that the crippled old man gifted him, and jumped into the small backyard through the window of his second-floor bedroom. As soon as he landed on the ground, he felt like his body was filled with power.

With the saber in hand, Fang Jie practiced left-handed One Saber Strike for about two hours. Then, he practiced the right-handed version for an hour. The sun was already high up in the eastern sky, and Fang Jie who sweated a ton felt great and wanted to roar. Subconsciously, he smashed his fist into a huge locust tree in the backyard.

Then, Fang Jie was stunned to see the huge dent that he put into the trunk of the tree. He looked down at his fist and didn’t even see a scratch.

“Am I cultivating?” he asked himself this question again, and he then quickly said no.

Since he still couldn’t sense the energy of nature, he couldn’t convert it into his own internal force. The so-called cultivation was the process of converting the energy of nature into internal forces.

Fang Jie couldn’t sense anything, and he didn’t even technically have a sea of qi. How could he cultivate?”

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