Chapter 11: Can’t Put It In (Part One)

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Li Yuanshan was from the Long-West Li Family, and his father was Li Luan, a duke of state who was later promoted to a duke of feudal state. Since Li Yuanshan was the elder son, he inherited the noble ranking of the Duke of Feudal State Tang.

Out of all the families to the west of Long Mountain, the Li Family ranked no.1, and then it was the Liu Family and the Yu Family.

This region was in River-West Circuit, about 1,850 kilometers away from Mountain-East Circuit.

Although Great Sui used exams to select officials, one had to admit that the real decision makers were from the big families. Out of all the officials who were on and above rank 4, about 80 to 90 percent of them came from big families.

There was a total of 24 circuits in Great Sui, and the 24 governors-general were all greatly influential figures. Out of these 24 figures, only the Governor-General of River-North Circuit, Yuan Chongwu, was from a poor family.

Although the official ranking of the great generals of the 16 Guards were lower than the governors-general of the 24 circuits, the military and the politics were separated. Although the governors-general were all rank 2 officials, they couldn’t control the 16 Guards, and they could only command their local state soldiers. In terms of combat abilities, the state soldiers couldn’t be compared to the battle soldiers in the 16 Guards.

Also, the great generals of the 16 Guards were all the most trusted personnel of the Emperor, and they were almost all dukes of feudal states. The governors-general of the circuits had to greet these great generals instead.

In Great Sui, the noble ranking was more important than the official ranking.

Out of all the governors-general, none of them had noble rankings higher than the Marquis of County.

Except for the edict from the Emperor and the tiger tokens from the Ministry of War, no one could command the 16 Guards, even if they were rank 1 officials. The battle soldiers in the 16 Guards were the most elite, the gate soldiers of the royal kings were the second best. These royal kings were the rulers of their territories, and their soldiers’ salaries and equipment weren’t paid by the government but their own pockets. Since the gate soldiers were the personal forces of these royal kings, they were willing to invest in them.

Half of the salaries and equipment of the state soldiers were paid by the central government, and the other half were paid by the local governments. Since most of the taxes and grains that the local governments took had to be given to the central government, not much was left. If the local officials were greedy and corrupt, not much would be left for the local soldiers. Therefore, the state soldiers’ combat ability was far inferior compared to that of gate soldiers and battle soldiers.

Out of the 16 Guards, ten of them guarded the various territories, two of them protected the East Capital, and the last four were stationed to the north, south, east, and west of Chang’an, the Capital of Great Sui.

Li Yuanshan and his guard was stationed in the northwest of Great Sui. Although his privileges weren’t on par with Yang Shanchen, the governor-general of Mountain-East Circuit, the latter had to respect him.

Therefore, regardless of how much Eunuch Wu was liked by the Emperor, he didn’t dare to act recklessly before Li Yuanshan. He was smart, so he knew that even though the Emperor liked him, His Majesty wouldn’t stand with him if he offended Li Yuanshan. If Li Yuanshan got angry and killed him, the Emperor would only reprimand this great general.

The eunuchs of Great Sui didn’t have real power, regardless of how much the emperors liked them.

They couldn’t offend people like the governors-general and the great generals of the 16 Guards.

Inside the military encampment on Sleeping Immortal Mountain, there was a pavilion under a big pagoda tree in the middle of the mountain. The location of this pavilion was great; it was built on an extruding point. Looking from afar, it seemed like it was located on the noise of the sleeping immortal.

However, it wasn’t the right season to sit here.

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