Chapter 110: Only You (Part One)

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Yang Kai was a smart person. When he saw Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu waiting outside, he knew that these two people’s opportunity was here. Although he didn’t pay attention to the government, he had his information channels.

Yu Donglai was first demoted to the deputy, then he had to resign. The Ministry of War could still operate with either the position of the head or the deputy empty, but it didn’t make sense to have both positions empty.

After Hou Junci, the Deputy of the Ministry of War, got executed, Yu Donglai worked overtime to keep everything together. Now that Yu Donglai was gone, the Emperor wouldn’t leave the ministry idle.

At this moment, Two Liangs appeared in Smooth Spring Garden; the Emperor’s intention was clear.

Two Liangs were Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu; they had this title for a long time.

About 12 years ago, they were thrown into the Heavenly Dungeon and should have been executed. However, the Emperor treasured their talents, so he locked them up instead.

Those who were charged with lesser crimes were executed, so the fact that they got pardoned was special.

Their crime was supporting Third Prince Yang Ji at the time to fight for the throne.

Among all the princes, Third Prince Yang Ji had the most support. When the previous emperor was still alive, he had the intention of making Yang Ji the crown prince. However, Fourth Prince Yang Yi at the time suddenly made a move, leading an army into Chang’an under the help of Seventh Prince Yang Qi and walking into Tai Chi Palace with armor and a sword.

Before the previous emperor passed away, he pointed at Yang Yi and named him his successor.

After Fourth Prince Yang Yi got on the throne, he appeared mild-tempered, but he executed those who supported the Third Prince and the Elder Prince in secret.

This was how genius the Emperor was. Although he had killed so many people, most people still stubbornly believed that he was the mildest emperor in the history of Great Sui.

This was something difficult to do, but the Emperor pulled it off.

At the time, Third Prince Yang Ji was the most likely to become the next ruler because two wise advisors helped him. These two people were Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu. The Third Prince made many friends and helped many people, making most of the officials favor him. Most of the tactics that the Third Prince used came from these two people.

However, the perfect plan had a loophole.

During the fight for the throne, the Third Prince believed his judgment and allowed Fourth Prince Yang Yi to lead soldiers and stop the Elder Prince who was heading back to Chang’an from the eastern region.

Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu tried to dissuade the Third Prince, but the Third Prince believed that the Fourth Prince was on his side and would never betray him. He even told Mou Liangbi that if the latter said more bad things about Yang Yi, he would kill Mou Liangbi instantly.

The Third Prince emphasized what he said, and Mou Liangbi couldn’t help but say that everything was over.

This went to show how calculative the Emperor was back then. The ambitious Third Prince wasn’t alerted at all and even believed that Yang Yi was one of his henchmen, placing more trust in Yang Yi compared to Two Liangs. This showed how deeply tricked the Third Prince was.

Seeing that they couldn’t convince the Third Prince to eliminate the Fourth Prince, Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu tried something else to save the situation. They advised the Third Prince to kill Seventh Prince Yang Qi who was the closest with Fourth Prince Yang Yi.

After thinking for a long while, Third Prince Yang Ji refused to do so. He said that if he killed Yang Qi, Fourth Prince Yang Yi who was extremely loyal to him would rebel, so doing such a thing was harmful and not helpful.

Later, when Seventh Prince Yang Qi took control and guarded one of the city gates of Chang’an, Zong Lianghu led soldiers and tried to take back the control.

He tried to kill everyone who was with Seventh Prince Yang Qi, but he was shocked to find that the latter was a hidden cultivation master.

Zong Lianghu was one of the few people who had seen Yang Qi’s ability and was still alive today, and he couldn’t forget how dominating Yang Qi was in that battle.

Thousands of elite soldiers tried to siege and capture the city gate, but they couldn’t defeat a few hundred of Yang Qi’s servants!

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