Chapter 110: Only You (Part Three)

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“We will eat!” These two men nodded, and they each grabbed a snack with their dirty hands before placing them in their mouths.

“You are done?” the Emperor asked the third question.

The two nodded again and continued to eat more.

There were four plates of snacks on the table, and they were enough to feed two burly men. Also, since the snacks were dry, it was easy to choke on them.

However, these two people quickly devoured the four plates of snacks like hungry wolves.

Mou Liangbi looked at the Emperor with his mouth stuffed, and he hiccupped repeatedly. On the other hand, Zong Lianghu patted his chest as if he was slightly choking.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but smile, and he peeked at the Emperor, seeing that Yang Yi was also smiling.

After being locked up for close to 12 years, these two reckless people finally saw through things. Now, they had no way out except for listening to the Emperor.

“You are full?” the Emperor asked.

“Yes,” the two replied with their heads lowered.

The Emperor waved his hand and said, “Su Buwei, go bring them to bath and change. The smell in the room won’t be gone in three days.”

“As you wish.” Su Buwei quickly nodded and led these two men who yielded to the Emperor out of the room. After he walked out of the room, Mou Liangbi took a deep breath and opened his arms, stretching his body. Zong Lianghu looked at him and suddenly laughed, and tears of joy filled his cloudy eyes.

“The smell of this garden is great!” Mou Liangbi said.

“The outside is great,” Zong Lianghu added.

“Your Majesty, how do you know that these two will yield?” Yang Kai asked the Emperor with admiration.

The Emperor smiled and said, “There are no outsiders here, so you can just call me Fourth Brother. The answer to your question is simple; I know that they would yield and not be stubborn like close to 12 years ago because… they stayed in the prison for close to 12 years and didn’t die.”

Yang Kai froze for a second and finally understood what the Emperor meant after a while of thinking.

“Yeah…” Yang Kai sighed, “It isn’t easy for them to survive in prison, so they must have tried hard to stay alive. With their identities and crime, only those with great wisdom and perseverance could do it.”

“They don’t have great wisdom, but they are smart enough,” the Emperor laughed, “Since they want to live, they don’t dare to disobey me. If they aren’t afraid of death, they would have died in prison many times. Since they are still alive, it means that they want to live.”

The Emperor got up, stretched his body, and said, “I will let them handle the Ministry of War. However, I didn’t summon you to chat. I know that you have been idle in recent years and probably don’t want to work in the government, but you would need to. Although you don’t have to manage the Ministry of War, there is something more important that I need you to do.”

“I’m listening.” Yang Kai quickly stood up and replied.

“I have secretly transported millions of kilograms of food from seven food storages north of Yangtze River as well as all the weapons and armor in three palaces that are enough to equip half a million soldiers to the northwest. Also, I have secretly ordered 400,000 soldiers from the northeast, southwest, and south to travel to the northwest. Most of the officials don’t know about this, and I will mention it when the time is right. Now, I need someone to go there and manage the situation in the northwest.” The Emperor looked at Yang Kai and said, “Only you can handle this task.”

Yang Kai was shocked, and his eyes instantly opened wide.

“Your Majesty… you are going to wage war in the northwest for real?”

The Emperor nodded and said, “All the previous emperors of Great Sui expanded the territory. Since I’m now the ruler, how can I only guard what was passed down to me and not make progress? Not only am I going to expand Great Sui, but I’m also going to expand it toward the west! I will prove to Father Emperor that he didn’t pick the wrong successor!”

Yang Kai couldn’t calm down, and he wanted to dissuade the Emperor from attacking Mongo-Yuan. However, seeing the Emperor’s bright eyes, he swallowed his words.

“I already selected a few young talents for you as assistants, and I will issue edicts and move them to the northwest. After you arrive, they will help you with their abilities.”

The Emperor walked to Yang Kai and patted his shoulder while saying, “Twelfth Brother, don’t disappoint me!”

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