Chapter 111: I’m Here (Part Two)

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Wu Yidao pointed at his eyes and mouth. “Since my position isn’t low, I can see far more things compared to ordinary people. Besides, I like strange and bizarre things, so I can always get many stories when I ask around.”

Then, he pointed at his head and added, “After processing the information that I obtained, I can estimate many things.”

“Why are you paying so much attention to me?” Fang Jie asked.

Wu Yidao thought for a moment and replied, “Because you made the Capital eventful. Besides, I’m not the only one.”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “If possible, I would want to be like Li Fubo of Long-West Li Family. No one paid attention to him when he came to Chang’an; a ton of troubles could be avoided.”

“Even if you want to be low-key now, you couldn’t,” Wu Yidao said with a smile, “Many people want to slap you. Even if they swung their arms with full force and made your face swell, their frustration toward you wouldn’t be vented. They want to knock out all your teeth. If you want to be low-key now, you would be asking them to slap you.”

“Until now, I still don’t know what abilities I have that could shock others.”

“You have to pretend even if you are a wastrel,” Wu Yidao said after a moment of silence, “When you passed out in Guest-Prosper Dwell, His Majesty said something to the border soldiers. He said that he is the support for all border soldiers, and they don’t need to be afraid of anyone. There are hundreds of big families in Great Sui, but none of them is bigger than the Royal Family. Are you a border soldier?”

“Yeah.” Fang Jie nodded.

“Then, what are you afraid of? You should think about how you can make His Majesty look good, and it would be better if you can adjust the culture in the Martial Arts Academy. When the First Emperor of Great Sui created the Martial Arts Academy, it wasn’t something dominated by people from big families. Most of the people in the first group of students were veterans under the First Emperor’s command. Although no one especially talented came out of those people, the culture of the academy was great. As Great Sui became more and more stable, the culture inside the Martial Arts Academy became more and more worrying.”

“Fortunately…” Wu Yidao said with a smile, “His Majesty is planning to change this, so you guys are in a great time.”

When it got dark, the streets in Chang’an became less bustling. Although places like restaurants and pleasure quarters were still busy, the streets had become quiet. It seemed like Fang Jie was listening to old and trivial stories from Wu Yidao, but Wu Yidao was giving him hints on how to deal with the turbulence in Chang’an.

Wu Yidao didn’t offer Fang Jie any solutions; he only told him that there was no way back, and he was living in the best time to be a soldier.

Fang Jie didn’t know how many high-level secrets this richest merchant of Great Sui had access to, but he felt like this man’s status was higher than most of the officials in the government.

In fact, Fang Jie was correct.

Wu Yidao knew way more things compared to most of the officials in the government. For example, there was that huge military operation that the Emperor was planning.

In Smooth Spring Garden, the Emperor told the King of Xu State that he had already secretly transported the food from seven food storages north of Yangtze-River and weapons and armor from three palaces that could equip hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the northwest.

It was extremely tough to transport so much stuff in secret.

If this was done through the government, many people would know about it, let alone the fact that all the officials in the government were calculative and clever.

Who else could transport this volume of stuff for the Emperor?

Wu Yidao’s Worldwide Trading Company!

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