Chapter 111: I’m Here (Part Three)

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Although the Worldwide Trading Company was stretched when handling this, it was the best option that the Emperor had. When people could notice the unusual behavior of the Worldwide Trading Company, it would be too late, and most of the food and equipment would be transported to the northwest already! After all, no one would expect that the Emperor would let a merchant handle such a big deal.

The most crucial part of the operation was the transportation of soldiers.

Except for the navy of Great Sui, only the fleet of the Worldwide Trading Company could secretly move so many soldiers from different regions in Great Sui to the northwest.

Therefore, Wu Yidao’s status in Great Sui was even higher than Fang Jie had guessed.

It was hard to understand the secrets behind a merchant who was given the official title of a duke and did business everywhere. However, without the support of the Emperor, how could Wu Yidao’s business get this huge? If Wu Yidao didn’t help the Emperor do things in private, how could he monopolize so many industries?

Terrifying power could be displayed when merchants were also officials.

Inside his residence, Wu Yidao seemed to be generous with his time and was willing to chat with Fang Jie, an insignificant figure who wasn’t on his level.

Just like what Wu Yidao had said, he wouldn’t invest silver taels in Fang Jie, but he was willing to tell Fang Jie some principles and pieces of information. To Fang Jie, the latter was the most helpful.

Fang Jie was a bumpkin from a remote place; he needed too many things to be stable in a huge city like Chang’an. Like a person dying of starvation, he continued to eat and tried to stuff himself. Even if he couldn’t staff himself, he was going to consume as much as he could.

South 12th Street was an ordinary street. Like capillaries of a body, such streets were everywhere in Chang’an. People would walk on dozens of such streets if they wandered around for a while.

The most famous location in South 12th Street was Friend-Return Inn. It was heard that when the Emperor’s grandpa was in power, a candidate for the imperial exam, who was from the southern region of Great Sui, lived here for a while. This candidate studied in a room every day and only ate a bowl of porridge and some free pickled vegetables a day. Although he wasn’t so poor that he couldn’t afford the rent and would die of starvation, his life wasn’t good.

[TL Note: The imperial exam in ancient China was used to select officials for the government, and it mainly tests the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of society.]

However, he became the first person from a poor background who obtained no.1 position in the imperial exam in the history of Great Sui.

This candidate shocked everyone when he was named the no.1 in the imperial exam by the emperor at the time after the final exam in the Royal Palace.

Because of this, Friend-Return Inn became famous. Later on, the candidates for the imperial exam, both rich and poor, would all live here for a while to increase their luck.

That special candidate from the poor background was Hai Renli, but not many people knew this name. It was because he changed his name, and his new name was too recognizable – Huai Qiugong.

It was already dark, and the receptionist of Friend-Return Inn was getting sleepy. Since it wasn’t the time to close the door, and there were too few people, this receptionist was bored and napped.

Suddenly, he heard a noise and got startled. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and asked subconsciously, “Guest, are you here to stay the night?”

This person’s attire was strange, and he looked cold. He ignored this receptionist.

The receptionist looked over and was surprised as his mouth opened wide. If someone tried, they could probably fit an apple in his mouth.

The man in the building looked to be about 40 years old. He had a wide forehead, sword-like brows, angry eyes, and a tall nose. His facial features were distinct, and he was tall. The most eye-catching thing about him was his clothes; it was something that ordinary people didn’t dare to wear.

It was a red daoist robe, and complex golden embroideries could be seen on it. There were many lines, and it was hard to tell where they began and where they ended. The overall aggregation of the lines was so complex that people’s heads would hurt when looking at it.

“A red-robed daoist! My god!” The receptionist instantly woke up and almost shouted out.

“I’m here.” This red-robed daoist looked up at a room on the second floor and said calmly.

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