Chapter 112: Red Robe (Part One)

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When the receptionist at Guest-Return Inn napped, he had a few bizarre dreams, but he couldn’t even imagine that a prestigious red-robed daoist would appear in front of him.

Since the Emperor came into power, he had been promoting the Daoist Sect greatly. About 12 years later, almost every citizen of Great Sui accepted Daoism.

Because of this background, the red-robed daoists who were prestigious in the Daoist Sect were seen by others as immortals.

When Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain entered the city, this receptionist went to see him by stepping on a stool on the side of the street. Therefore, he still had a vague recollection of who this red-robed daoist was; this man was Spiritual Master Xiao’s second disciple, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist, who was in charge of punishment in the Daoist Sect.

“Go back to your room.”

After saying he was here to a room on the second floor, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist waved his hand and told this receptionist to leave.

The receptionist was stunned by Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s appearance, so he couldn’t react in time and looked confused.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was too lazy to talk to him, so he lightly waved his wide sleeve, and the receptionist was pushed out of the door by a gentle force.

While doing that, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist continued to stare at that room on the second floor.


The door of that room was pushed open from within, and a beautiful woman in faint-green slowly walked out. Her hair was fluttering behind her head, and even the pickiest person couldn’t find a shortcoming on her. Her facial features were perfect!

Her eyes were bright, her teeth were pearl-white, and her slightly thick lips were sexy. The most eye-catching feature on her was her bright eyes; they were extremely charming.

She walked out of her room and held onto the railing on the second floor while looking at Phoenix-Chirp Daoist on the first floor. After a slight frown, she suddenly started to giggle.

“It seems that there are true masters in the Daoist Sect,” she said as she flipped her hair, looking charming and alluring.

“Earlier, there was a little fat daoist looking for me. If I weren’t busy, I would have fought him to see if the so-called Big Qi Cycle and Small Qi Cycle of the Daoist Sect are truly unrivaled. However, that fat daoist is an idiot. After I changed my looks, he couldn’t recognize me anymore. I walked past him once on the street, and he blushed after seeing me,” the women said with a faint smile.

“Even though poppy flowers are beautiful, they are poisonous. Although you are beautiful, you are an evildoer.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist snorted and said, “You can fool others, but you can’t fool me.”

“Yeah.” The woman still looked charming, but her voice suddenly became masculine. “I heard from long ago that there is a red-robed daoist named Phoenix-Chirp Daoist in the Daoist Sect, and his most powerful ability is the innate godly sight; he is able to see through all the illusions and fakeries in the world. I didn’t believe it, but now it seems like I underestimated the Daoist Sect. You… must be that Phoenix-Chirp Daoist.”

She… was actually Monk Chenya!

After he dressed up as a woman, he became this charming!

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist looked at Chenya and said coldly, “I’m a bit surprised. Don’t you people of the Buddhist Sect look down on women? How come you are dressed as a woman in order to escape our detection? If Great Wheel Wisdom King learns about this, will he die of rage?”

“Body is nothing compared to the mind. Great Wheel Wisdom King could transform into all forms with a thought.” Chenya smiled and pointed at the rooms in the inn. “What? Are you planning to battle here? Aren’t you afraid of injuring the innocent citizens of Great Sui? Doesn’t Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain always say that you daoists are the protectors of the citizens of Great Sui?”

“I wouldn’t injure others while arresting you.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist looked at Chenya in disdain and took a step forward.

While he moved, a slit suddenly appeared on his forehead, and a streak of dark-red light suddenly shot out of the slit. This scene was terrifying!

The size of that slit was comparable to a human eye, so it looked like a third eye grew out on his forehead, even though it was vertical.

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