Chapter 112: Red Robe (Part Three)

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Chenya had never thought that he would be in such a disheveled situation.

Since he had to cut off one of his fingers to break away from the Illusional Bind that the red-robed daoist used, Chenya who had been conceited felt a sense of uncontrollable shame. However, while the sense of shame intensified in his mind, he suddenly started to laugh while dashing away.

His eyes became extremely clear, and all the anger and frustration disappeared.

“Dust! This is the dust in my mind! I have been trying to find that speck of dust in my mind but failed. In order to lure out this speck of dust that is affecting my buddhist heart, I even killed a few innocent people on the way. I thought that by placing a speck of dust in my mind and taking it out, I would be able to perfect my buddhist heart, but I was wrong. I only got murderous for a second, and this emotion disappeared afterward, along with the speck of dust that I tried to capture,” Chenya thought to himself as he fled, “That red-robed daoist first scared me and then angered me. This is the speck of dust in my mind! Fear and rage! Kill him! I would be able to wipe away this speck of dust by killing him!”

With this thought, Chenya suddenly gave up the idea of escaping. He suddenly froze in mid-air and landed straight down.

A shadow that was dragged out by the moonlight appeared on an empty street. Monk Chenya who was planning to flee stood on the street quietly, waiting for that powerful red-robed daoist to appear.

Chenya’s expression was calm, and his eyes showed no emotions.

Now, he wasn’t fearful nor angry. Now, he saw that red-robed daoist as the speck of dust.

Seeing his opponent who had fled standing in the middle of the street, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist also landed from the sky.

Bam! Crack! Crack! Crack!

A loud noise was followed by many faint cracking noises. It was hard to tell how many green stone tiles were broken.

Chenya squinted his eyes and praised in his mind, “This daoist’s movements are so heavy! Such powerful internal forces!”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist wasn’t moving around so fast by using a great light-body skill; he was purely using his powerful internal forces! At the door of the inn, he swung his sleeves and shattered the green stone tiles and creating two pits. When he landed, he broke the surface of the street!

Repulsion! This red-robed daoist was using the great repulsive force generated by his powerful internal forces against different objects!

“You aren’t going to escape anymore?” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist asked.

“Going forward and moving backward are all within the buddhist principles, and there are reasons behind them. Why was that fleeing?” Chenya said with a smile.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s expression stayed the same, and he asked another question calmly, “You are probably the person who has been selling fake questions. Tell me what you are planning to do.”

“Since you can guess it was me, why can’t you guess my intention?” Chenya replied as he formed a hand seal with his fingers; it looked like he was picking a flower.

“It doesn’t matter what your intention is. It is time for all this to end.” After saying that, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist took a deep breath and swung his sleeves backward.

A series of ear-piercing explosions sounded, and a series of visible air currents rippled behind his body.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was incredibly fast! Words couldn’t even describe it!

Chenya only had time to change his hand seal once before Phoenix-Chirp Daoist who seemed like a raging fire appeared in front of him.

Under the moonlight, the fluttering red robe couldn’t be more dominating!


A huge amount of repulsive force struck the seal that Chenya placed in front of his chest for protection.

The seal only lasted a few seconds before it was shattered by the repulsive force.

Then, this insane amount of repulsive force struck Chenya’s chest, and he got sent flying for more than a dozen meters before smashing into a wall.

Many pieces of tough green bricks were shattered, and Chenya was almost inlaid into the wall.

While dust flew everywhere, Chenya puked out a mouthful of thick blood. His eyes seemed unfocused, and his mind even blanked out momentarily.

He got out of the wall with difficulty and wiped away the blood on his lips.

“Such a strong repulsive force. You actually… surpassed…”

Before Chenya could finish, the fire floated in front of him again.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist appeared in front of Chenya as if he walked out of another dimension, and he slowly pressed onto Chenya’s chest.

“Your eyes are great since you quickly saw through my cultivation strength. Too bad, too bad,” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist said.

Then, a tsunami-like repulsive force suddenly appeared in his hand, and Chenya’s body got sent flying like a cannonball, spilling blood along the way.

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