Chapter 113: Don’t Bring Shame Home (Part One)

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Before Chenya entered Great Sui, he looked down on this nation in the east. In his eyes, Great Sui, the so-called no.1 nation in the east, was like a toddler compared to Mongo-Yuan which was like a giant.

Although the Daoist Sect was popular in Great Sui, it was only a sect in a remote location in his eyes. How could this sect be compared to the Buddhist Sect where its influence almost covered the entire world?

Chenya was the disciple of Wisdom Heavenly Lord, the second heavenly lord among the Four Heavenly Lords of the Buddhist Sect.

When Chenya’s cultivation strength was low, Wisdom Heavenly Lord told him that if he could see through the mist before his eyes, he would instantly become a buddha. Even Great Wheel Wisdom King told him that among all the disciples in the Buddhist Sect, he had the highest chance of becoming a heavenly lord.

However, Chenya had to remove that speck of dust in his mind first.

For a long time, Chenya didn’t know what that speck of dust was. Whenever he recalled what Great Wheel Wisdom King said, he would be confused. Great Wheel Wisdom King said that if he couldn’t remove the speck of dust in his mind, he would be a world away from becoming a buddha even if he was only an inch away.

Under the moonlight, Chenya confirmed that this red-robed daoist was the speck of dust in his mind, and he planned to kill this daoist, remove the speck of dust in his mind, and become a buddha.

However, he now realized how wrong he was.

He underestimated the strength of Phoenix-Chirp Daoist, and he overestimated his own strength. Since he started cultivation, he rarely met a worthy opponent, especially after he left Great Snow Mountain.

Even inside Chang’an that was securely guarded, he could kill people and get away easily. Using the Phaseless Technique, he moved around freely without others noticing.

Those people of Great Sui who tried to search for him couldn’t find him, and he even had the time to tease that little fat daoist.

That little fat daoist was dressed in an ink-black daoist robe, so Chenya knew that he had a high status in the Daoist Sect. Since this daoist couldn’t see through the Phaseless Technique, Chenya’s slight toward the Daoist Sect increased.

Today, he finally realized why the Daoist Sect had a prestigious status in Great Sui. It wasn’t only due to the Emperor of Great Sui’s promotion; the Daoist Sect had great strength as well.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist easily saw through the Phaseless Technique, and the repulsive force of this daoist made Chenya defenseless.

Chenya felt powerless at this moment. He couldn’t win even if he decided to battle.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s repulsive force was spread around his body, and he dashed toward Chenya.

Although Chenya only got to change his hand seal once, it was enough for him to cast the most powerful strike. He could use his fingers and cast countless techniques, but his most powerful strike was down to his core. His strongest attack was his fingers and not other techniques. He practiced a technique called Flower-Picking Fingers.

When Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was about to hit him, Chenya’s Flower-Picking Fingers struck Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s chest.

This finger strike could kill a level 8 master, but the internal force in this strike disappeared as if a rock fell into the ocean. The repulsive force destroyed Chenya’s strike.

Then, Chenya was knocked away by Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s powerful repulsive force.

Earlier, Chenya was inlaid into a wall, and he was able to get out after struggling a little. However, he landed on the green stone tiles on the ground this time, and he shattered several tiles and many bones; he couldn’t stand up anymore.

Chenya tried to support his body, but he couldn’t.

Lying on the ground, Chenya looked at the red-robed daoist who slowly walk to him, but he couldn’t do anything. This daoist’s steps were calm and casual, and the disdain and coldness in his eyes made Chenya feel like a weak sheep.

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