Chapter 113: Don’t Bring Shame Home (Part Two)

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This daoist’s red robe fluttered in the wind and looked like an aggressive fire.

Seeing Phoenix-Chirp Daoist walking close, Chenya suddenly had a strong unwillingness to yield.

He wasn’t afraid of death; he wasn’t willing to die meaninglessly like this. He had imagined that if someone like him would die, it must shock the world.

However, he was so weak and pitiful at this moment. The shocking thing was his opponent’s strength and not his defeat.

“I said that you can’t get away.” The slit on Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s forehead opened again, and a streak of dark-red light could be vaguely seen.

Chenya was sure that he couldn’t defend against Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s Illusional Bind anymore. Although he was unwilling to give up, he couldn’t fight back.

When the dark-red light

in the vertical third eye on Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s forehead, Chenya suddenly shivered and lost consciousness.

However, when Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was less than ten meters away from Chenya, his expression suddenly changed. He swung his sleeves backward, and he instantly dashed toward Chenya who was on the ground.

Just as he touched Chenya, a holy white lotus suddenly appeared in front of him.

This was a unique lotus; it was crystal white.

The five lotus petals looked beautiful in the moonlight, and the holy presence coming from the lotus was breathtaking.

If ordinary people were present, many of them wouldn’t be able to defend against this presence, and they would kneel and bow.

This white lotus seemed even brighter than the moon in the sky when it bloomed.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s eyes widened, and he unleashed his full strength. He pushed his hands forward, and his two wide sleeves puffed up as two tsunami-like repulsive forces smashed into the five-petaled white lotus. It felt like two tornadoes blew through.

At the same time, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist continued to dash forward after a slight pause.

Crack! Under the two powerful strikes, two of the five petals of the white lotus cracked, looking like glass that was hammered.

However, the white lotus was still there. With two petals cracked, it stood still and withstood Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s attack.

Then, an eye-piercing white light suddenly flashed on the lotus, and the vertical third eye on Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s forehead was in pain. He could only stop and protect his body with his sleeves.

After the white light disappeared, both the lotus and Chenya were nowhere to be seen.

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Phoenix-Chirp Daoist swung his sleeves, and the white light on the street was dispelled alongside the dust in the air.

The street became clear again, but Chenya wasn’t there anymore. There were only cracked green stone tiles on the ground.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s expression turned gloomy, and he squatted down to carefully inspect the area. Except for the cracked green stone tiles, it seemed like everything else was removed by the white light. It felt like Chenya’s blood that was spilled got evaporated by the white light.

Two petals of the white lotus cracked, but no traces were left in the area.

When Phoenix-Chirp Daoist slowly stood up, a figure quickly dashed over under the moonlight and appeared beside him. He was a senior who was about 50 years old and wore a sapphire long robe. He had a long beard and looked ethereal.

He was the senior who appeared on the roof of the building across the street from Guest-Prosper Dwell when the conflict between Wang Ding and the border soldiers broke out, and he was also the person who knocked away Chen Qingshan when she attacked the Ministry of War with her longsword. If the crippled old man didn’t appear, Chen Qingshan would have died.

This senior in blue walked forward for a few steps and bowed. “Greetings.”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist bowed back and said self-mockingly, “You were alerted, yet I didn’t capture that man. I’m surprised he has such a powerful accomplice. This accomplice’s light-body skill is insane; I didn’t even see this person’s figure.”

The senior was shocked. “Even you didn’t see the other person?”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist nodded and looked worried.

The senior said after a moment of silence, “That is alright; they couldn’t travel far.”

He added while thinking, “As long as the gates of the city aren’t open, no one can get out, including Great Wheel Wisdom King, just like how no one could enter Chang’an when the gates are closed. The only issue is that Chang’an is too big, and there are too many gates. The soldiers guarding the gates couldn’t tell who the enemies are. However, even though these people can get into Chang’an, it would be tough for them to get out!”

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