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Conquer the World Chapter 113.3

Chapter 113: Don’t Bring Shame Home (Part Three)

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Phoenix-Chirp Daoist froze for a moment. Although he didn’t know where the confidence came from, he knew that this senior had a prestigious status and wouldn’t lie. He instantly decided and said, “Let’s look for them in different directions.”

The senior nodded and said, “Should we… ask Spiritual Master Xiao to help?”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist knew what he meant before he could finish.

“There is no need.” He shook his head and said while choosing a direction, “I will look for them that way, and you can go this way.”

The senior nodded and replied, “I have already informed the Royal Guard, and cultivation masters should arrive soon. Even if those two don’t come, Mr. Zhuo would come. With us three, who could escape?”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist slightly frowned; it seemed like he didn’t like talking to this senior. He nodded, swung his sleeves, and dashed into the sky like a cannonball.

After Phoenix-Chirp Daoist disappeared, this senior sighed while shaking his head helplessly. Then, he dashed in the other direction.

As soon as these two people disappeared, another person arrived with a serious expression; he was Zhuo Buyi.

He first checked out the traces left by the battle earlier. After pondering for a moment, he sat down cross-legged on the street and didn’t go anywhere.

It was the morning of the second day.

The sun always rose earlier in the summer. While many people were still asleep, the sun climbed over the eastern city wall of Chang’an.

As the sun rose, the streets grew more bustling. The breakfast joints all started working with workers setting up tables and chairs while cooks prepared the food.

When Fang Jie opened the door of his place, the aroma of hot noodle soup already floated into his nose.

Fang Jie was dressed in a brand-new border soldier’s uniform. His hair was well combed, and his uniform was straight and clean. The leather battle boots on his feet were shiny, and he had a black belt on his waist with a token hanging on it.

There was only one word engraved on the token – Martial.

The Ministry of War gave him this token that represented his identity as a participant in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy.

This young man was clean and good-looking, and he looked dashing after dressing up. The fitting military uniform made him look more valiant. Although he didn’t get a good night’s sleep, he still looked energetic.

“Sir Fang, you are up so early!” Oldman Sun, who was selling hot noodle soup and steamed buns close to Fang Jie’s shop, quickly greeted him warmly.

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “Not as early as you. I got up after smelling the aroma of your steamed buns.”

Oldman Sun chuckled and said, “I rely on this for a living, so I have to get up. How come you are up this early?”

Before Fang Jie could reply, Oldman Sun slapped his forehead and said apologetically, “Aya! I forgot about it! The entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy is today! Woman! Quickly make a bowl of hot noodle soup! Add three times the meat! Then, make a plate of steam buns! Add more filling and keep the bun skin thin! Sir Fang is going to the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy today! He needs to go on a full stomach!”

“Got it!” Oldman Sun’s wife smiled brightly. She was a big woman, and she quickly started to make buns. “Sir Fang, you have to get into the top three! I believe in you! Don’t let those arrogant good-for-nothings from big families win out! Although you haven’t lived here for long, everyone living on this street is rooting for you!”

“This meal is on me! I wish you can succeed and win! Us two can’t help you much; this meal is our gift!” Oldman Sun said with a smile.

Fang Jie cupped his hands and thanked him. Then, he took a deep breath to inhale the fresh air in the morning, then he opened his arms and stretched his body with a smile.

He felt great, and his heart was calm.

Looking at this old couple, Fang Jie thanked them again in his mind. He felt like he saw Aunt He who would pour dirty water onto the street and curse, Su Tugou, Du Hongxian, and everyone else at Fangu smiling at him and tell him not to bring shame home.

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