Chapter 114: The Entrance Exam (Part One)

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Before Fang Jie went to the Martial Arts Academy, he went to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence first. He asked Mu Xiaoyao and Qi Lin to move here with Chen Qingshan and Da Quan who still haven’t recovered, and he told them not to leave this place in the next few days.

Then, Fang Jie took out his red horse that was kept at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence, and he waved at the four after he jumped onto the horse.

“I’m going to slap others’ faces in the Martial Arts Academy; aren’t you going to bless me?” he asked.

Chen Qingshan laughed, “Don’t get your face slapped by others.”

Da Quan said, “I hope your hands swell up from slapping others.”

Fang Jie shook his head with a smile, but he couldn’t get rid of the nervousness that he was feeling.

It was a huge challenge for him to grasp this turning point in his life. Even though he was confident, it didn’t mean that he had no worries.

There were only two types of people who were confident and had no worries. The first group was those who were powerful enough to ignore all opponents, and the second group was idiots.

Clearly, Fang Jie wasn’t in either group.

Mu Xiaoyao pointed at Fang Jie’s horse and asked after a moment of hesitation, “Are you planning to ride this red horse to the Martial Arts Academy?”

Fang Jie nodded.

Mu Xiaoyao asked again, “Aren’t you afraid that it would be too eye-catching?”

Fang Jie laughed, “I’m trying to have a high profile today. Although I want to be low-key, I’m afraid that I would be dragged out even if I hide among people. Therefore, I’m going there on a tall horse, letting others see me clearly. I was planning to hang a plate before my chest that says [I’m Fang Jie], but it would look like I’m selling myself, so I didn’t do that.”

After saying that, Fang Jie turned around and left. Mu Xiaoyao and others watched until he disappeared into far before turning around.

Qi Lin asked Da Quan worryingly, “Does Fang Jie really don’t need us behind him?”

“What can we do?” Da Quan asked with a smile.

After thinking for a while, Qin Lin responded seriously, “We really can’t do anything other than mother-f*cking…”

Da Quan replied earnestly as well, “That is tough physical work.”

Qi Lin didn’t understand what he meant, but Chen Qingshan and Mu Xiaoyao both glanced at Da Quan and cursed, “Shameless!”

Then, they walked away together; it was rare for them to be on the same page.

Since Qi Lin didn’t understand, he asked, “Da Quan, what do you mean? Why did the two of them walk away? What do you mean by it is tough physical work?”

Da Quan explained patiently, “There are too many people in Chang’an who dislike Fang Jie.  If we have to do that to their mothers, it would be extremely physically demanding, and your body will shrink to my size.”

Qi Lin thought for a moment and finally realized what Da Quan meant. He glared at Da Quan and said, “Shameless!”

Da Quan pouted and said, “You are calling me shameless after I told a joke. In Fangu, Fang Jie peeked at Widow Sun when she took baths; how come none of you called him shameless?”

Qi Lin replied, “Although I wasn’t in Fangu with you, I’m sure that you are the one who encouraged him. You probably let him stand on your shoulders to look over the wall.”

Da Quan replied with a dignified expression, “How? I always jumped onto the wall before pulling Fang Jie up.”

Suddenly, Da Quan paused, and his expression turned ugly. He recalled that small city and the people who lived there.

Although Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao hid in Fang Jie’s room most of the time, he liked the kind and honest residents of Fangu and the aromatic wine and stewed meat. However, none of them remained.

“What is going on?” Qi Lin asked after seeing the silence.

“Nothing,” Da Quan said with a smile, “Qi Lin, can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Go and help me buy some joss paper.”

“Huh?” Qi Lin was shocked. “Fang Jie is taking the entrance exam today, yet you want to burn joss paper?”

[TL Note: Joss paper, also known as ghost or spirit money, are sheets of paper or papercrafts made into burnt offerings.]

Da Quan froze for a second before cursing with a smile, “If Fang Jie learns what you said, he will fight me! I’m burning joss paper for some acquaintances. They all died in Fangu after we left, and Fang Jie has been thinking about them. I wanted to burn joss paper for them a few days ago, but Fang Jie said that they are too far away to receive the ghost money. However, I know that Fang Jie is more frustrated and saddened by what happened in Fangu compared to me.”

“Why do you want to burn joss paper for them today?” Qi Lin asked.

“I’m burning joss paper for them on Fang Jie’s behalf. I hope that they could receive it and bless Fang Jie from Heaven,” Da Quan replied with a serious expression.

After freezing for a moment, Qi Lin nodded and said, “I will go buy joss paper right now; I will buy a cart full of joss paper.”

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