Chapter 114: The Entrance Exam (Part Two)

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The Martial Arts Academy was in the southeast of the city, not far from Qian-Shining Gate of Chang’an. The training field was about 15 kilometers away from Qian-Shining Gate outside the city.

When the First Emperor of Great Sui established the Martial Arts Academy, it was much smaller.

As Great Sui grew more powerful and prosperous, more students were enrolled, and the academy had to be expanded.

Since its inception, the Martial Arts Academy had been expanded five times.

When the previous emperor came into power, the training field was built outside the city since the Martial Arts Academy needed it to practice and create battle arrays.

The training field was giant, and it took five years to build. The area was flat, but a hill, a forest, a river, a lake, and a small city were all placed on top of the flatland.

Many officials had written memorials to the throne, asking the Martial Arts Academy to move into the training field. Then, the students wouldn’t need to travel between these two places.

However, the previous emperor didn’t agree, and the current emperor had the same response that confused the officials.

“The one inside Chang’an is the Martial Arts Academy, and it wouldn’t be the Martial Arts Academy anymore if it is outside.”

This response didn’t make much sense.

The Martial Arts Academy was the same regardless of where it was, but the emperors didn’t agree to the move, so the officials couldn’t do anything.

Some people said that all the students of the academy were elites of Great Sui, and the emperors were worried that things would happen to them if the Martial Arts Academy wasn’t inside Chang’an that was the greatest city in the world.

However, this argument was quickly debunked.

It would be extremely challenging for foreign enemies to get into Great Sui, especially getting close to Chang’an. Also, even if foreign enemies got close, the students could all retreat into Chang’an.

There were a ton of discussions, but no one could change the emperors’ minds.

The Martial Arts Academy had to stay inside Chang’an, and this was something that multiple emperors agreed on.

There was a darker hypothesis, and people believed that it made the most sense. Some people thought that the emperors were worried that chaos might appear in Chang’an, and the students of the academy who were all elites and loyal would protect the emperors. If these students gathered, their combat strength couldn’t be ignored.

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When Fang Jie got close to the Martial Arts Academy, he found that the streets were all packed.

All kinds of horse-drawn carriages parked on the side, and the participants had to walk to the Martial Arts Academy.

Royal soldiers guarded the streets with sabers drawn and bows loaded with arrows. They could control the situation if any mess occurred.

During this time every three years, the policemen of Chang’an would work with the royal soldiers and city-defense soldiers, maintaining order.

Since most people were walking over, Fang Jie who was riding on a horse was extremely eye-catching.

“Who is this person? How come he is so arrogant? Most of the participants are walking, and even those with prestigious status got off their horse-drawn carriages. However, this guy is riding on his horse! It seems like he is going to ride his horse into Xuanwu Street.”

“He doesn’t seem like someone from big families. Look at his poor border soldier’s uniform!”

“Among the border soldiers, the most famous ones are Mo Xidao from Phoenix Terrace, Zhang Kuang from Anyuan City, Wang Wei from White Water City, and Fang Jie from Fangu. Mo Xidao and the other two must be at least 27 years old, but this guy looks quite young. Is this person Fang Jie who was summoned by His Majesty already?”

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