Chapter 116: The Entrance Exam (3) (Part One)

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After Fang Jie walked into the Martial Arts Academy, he found that this place was drastically different from what he had imagined.

When he first got to Chang’an, he was impressed by the grand and vast presence of the city.

The Royal Palace, Smooth Spring Garden, and the various agencies were all magnificent, just like this no.1 city in the world.

However, the Martial Arts Academy was different.

After walking in, the first thing that Fang Jie saw wasn’t a magnificent building but a garden. It was the style of Yangtze-South with many rivers, bridges, and trees. There was even a giant boulder close to the gate that created a small waterfall, and the vapor from the waterfall made people’s mood better.

Fang Jie found the professor who was responsible for authenticating the participants by a bridge.

It was clear that this professor was a delicate person. She placed the desk beside this bridge, and the flowing river was behind her.

A tree with layers of big leaves blocked all the sunlight for her, and the bright fruits on the branches released a pleasant fragrance.

There were red, white, and black fish swimming in the river, and they would sometimes leap above the surface of the river, creating small rainbows.

The noisiness of Xuanwu Street instantly disappeared after people walked into the Martial Arts Academy.

For some reason, all the participants instantly stopped talking when they walked through the gate as if they were afraid of disturbing the peacefulness.

The participants lined up and walked up to the female professor before handing her their tokens. That female professor didn’t look up; she just accepted the tokens and checked the corresponding names in her booklet.

Both she and this yard looked calm and quiet.

She didn’t speak at all, looking like a flower that was blooming beside the river. She was a part of the scenery, and she looked more beautiful and more delicate than flowers.

Since she was looking down, Fang Jie couldn’t see her face clearly. However, judging from her smooth forehead, delicate nose, and round chin, she wouldn’t be ugly even if she wasn’t beautiful.

Even if she were average-looking, her calm and composed temperament would make others like her. She was calm and peaceful like water.

Fang Jie walked to her, bowed, and greeted her before taking off his token and placing it on the desk. The female professor looked at it and found Fang Jie’s name inside the thick booklet, then she put a checkmark under the name with her ink brush.

Fang Jie was surprised by this simple move.

This thick booklet recorded the names of all participants from both the military and all the cities, and there were many names on a single page with descriptions in a smaller font below them.

Ordinary people would forget the names on the first page after flipping through a few pages, but this female professor only glanced at Fang Jie’s token before casually locating Fang Jie’s name in the booklet.

It took her less than three seconds to look at Fang Jie’s token before putting down the checkmark.

“Such a great memory!” Fang Jie praised in his mind, and his respect toward the professors of the Martial Arts Academy increased a ton. Now, he finally realized how great these professors were.

The professor named Yan Ji at the gate only left him a good impression, but this female professor truly taught him what talented people were capable of. Fang Jie was proud of his memory, but it was nothing compared to the memory of this female professor.

After taking back his token, Fang Jie thanked this professor and turned around, getting ready to leave.

“Wait a second.”

When Fang Jie turned around, the female professor who hadn’t looked up or talked suddenly called out.

Fang Jie looked at her, and his heart lurched a little. Although this woman wasn’t stunningly beautiful, her appearance suited her presence. She had an oval face, smooth skin, round chin and cheeks.

However, Fang Jie’s heart lurched not because of her charm; it was because of her eyes.

This female professor’s eyes didn’t have a tint of black in them. Her eyes were white, but not the lifeless whiteness that would make others feel cold. Her white eyes looked like jade, but jade wasn’t as bright as her eyes. Her eyes were like white crystals.

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