Chapter 116: The Entrance Exam (3) (Part Two)

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Brilliant and clear; Fang Jie had never imagined that a person’s eyes that didn’t seem to have pupils could be this beautiful.

Although her eyes looked white, Fang Jie seemed to see a faint-golden ring in each of her eyes, outlining what was supposed to be ordinary people’s irises. When Fang Jie took a closer look, he saw that in each of her eyes, there were three bright dots located at the top, bottom left, and bottom right of her eyes.

This pair of eyes was memorizing like the beautiful cosmos.

After the female professor coughed, Fang Jie realized his rudeness and quickly lowered his head. “Professor, what do you need?”

The female professor raised her hand and smoothed her bang; she didn’t seem angry over Fang Jie’s rude stare. She pointed at Fang Jie’s horse and asked, “Since you want to use your horse during the exam, it needs to be registered. Does it have a name? I will write it down.”

Clearly, even though she was inside the Martial Arts Academy, she overheard the noises at the gate earlier.

“Name?” Fang Jie froze for a second and suddenly remembered that he never gave this red horse a name. After thinking for a bit, he shook his head and replied honestly, “It doesn’t have a name. Professor, it would be my honor for you to name it.”

The female professor didn’t think that Fang Jie was going to ask her to name the horse. After a moment of hesitation, she stood up, walked around the horse, and couldn’t help but comment, “No wonder you want to use your own horse. This chilly-blood horse is far better than most of the horses in the academy. It is a pity that such an outstanding horse doesn’t have a name.”

Fang Jie blushed a little and thought, “Are you saying that it is a pity because it doesn’t have a name, or because an insignificant figure like me owns it?”

After she rubbed the neck of this horse with her hand, she said to Fang Jie, “Such a beautiful horse; how about Rainbow?”

“Rainbow?” Fang Jie froze for a second and scratched his head. “Isn’t it a bit too feminine? It is a warhorse after all.”

The female professor also froze for a bit and replied with frustration. “Is it really your horse? It is a warhorse, but it is also a female.”

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Regardless if Fang Jie was willing or not, this female professor sat down behind the desk and wrote down the horse’s name behind Fang Jie – Rainbow.

Since this name was recorded in the Martial Arts Academy, it was set in stone and couldn’t be changed. This tall and dashing horse was now called Rainbow.

Fang Jie smiled awkwardly and thanked the female professor before walking away with the horse. After taking a few steps, he heard the female professor’s voice again.

“I’m Qiu Yu, one of the examiners of the martial tests. I hope your performance wouldn’t bring shame to this great horse.”

Fang Jie didn’t reply nor turn around. He nodded and continued walking forward.

Through a path paved with rocks, Fang Jie followed the people in front of him and got deep into the academy.

Now, he realized that the Martial Arts Academy truly wasn’t big. With thousands of participants inside, this place seemed crowded. Since there were too many people, there weren’t enough buildings to be used as venues.

Therefore, both the written and martial tests would take place outside.

The five written tests were first, so Fang Jie handed Rainbow to the people of the Martial Arts Academy to handle. Then, he found his seat in the field; the desk had his name on it.

This familiar scene made Fang Jie think back to his student life on Earth where there were frequent tests and exams.

The five written subjects were math, rites, music, geography, and military strategies and tactics.

The thousands of participants quickly found their seats under the guidance of the people of the Martial Arts Academy. After the footsteps died down, the area became quiet.

To the north of the field was a stage; the people from the military were familiar with this setup.

The stage was big; it was probably temporarily built for this purpose.

When Fang Jie sat down, the first thing he saw was the yellow umbrella that represented the supreme identity.

The Emperor was here!

[TL Note: Since the pronunciation of yellow is the same as royal in Chinese, yellow color could only be used by the emperors and people with connections to the royal families.]

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