Chapter 117: The Entrance Exam (4) (Part One)

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Fang Jie saw Cui Lueshang’s expression that was filled with disappointment and regret, and he walked past Fang Jie and headed toward the outside of the venue.

When he walked past Fang Jie, Fang Jie wanted to pull him. Cui Lueshang saw Fang Jie’s hesitation, and he shook his head with a smile and said, “Goodbye.”

Fang Jie’s heart lurched, and he couldn’t look at Cui Lueshang’s expression anymore.

Cui Lueshang’s expression was complicated, but frustration was the strongest emotion.

“Wait for me in my shop,” Fang Jie said in a hurry, and Cui Lueshang nodded subconsciously after freezing for a bit.

Then, Cui Lueshang walked out of the venue dispirited; he didn’t even dare to look in the direction of the Emperor. If he knew about this ending, he wouldn’t even glance at those fake questions.

Fang Jie watched as Cui Lueshang left the venue, and he didn’t dare to try putting himself in Cui Lueshang’s shoes.

Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi sat on the stage as he watched these participants leave, and the smile on his face faded. However, he wasn’t angry; he looked calm.

The people counting the disqualified participants weren’t professors but royal guards.

The royal guards checked the identities of all these disqualified participants and recorded their names.

These disqualified participants knew that their futures were probably destroyed since they couldn’t become officials in five years. Even their families couldn’t accept such shame.

Perhaps when they returned home, their status in their families would drop by a whole lot.

No family would waste resources on people who were banned for five years. Within these five years, these big families could teach and raise many talented people like them.

This was the difference made by one thought.

Royal Guard Captain Luo Weiran took the records and quickly walked up to the stage before giving it to the Emperor.

The Emperor glanced at it and asked, “Are the numbers correct?”

Luo Weiran bowed and said, “According to the intelligence gathered by the Royal Guard, there are 326 people who bought fake questions, and only 325 people left. There is one person who didn’t come out.”

“Who is it?” the Emperor asked.

Luo Weiran took out another list of names and carefully compared it with the records. Then, he said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, it is Bi Yuntao from Ning City in Yangtze-South. His father Bi Da is the governor of the state.”

“Su Buwei,” the Emperor called, and this eunuch quickly walked over with a bent back.

The Emperor thought for a moment and said, “Draft an edict. Remove Governor Bi Da from his duty and sent people from the Court of Judicial Review to confiscate his properties. The people from Ning City Da Family will never be hired as officials again.”

“As you wish.” Su Buwei nodded and turned around, getting ready to draft the edict.

The Emperor pointed at the venue and said, “Capture that Bi Yuntao… and execute him with staffs.”

Luo Weiran took the order and told the royal guards to do it. Five royal guards walked into the venue and shouted, “Who is Bi Yuntao?”

Less than ten meters away from Fang Jie, Bi Yuntao who was arrogant at the gate of the academy now turned ashen-faced. Seeing the royal guards walking down the stage and shouting, he gasped and collapsed onto the ground, wetting the ground underneath him.

This gasp attracted everyone’s attention, and the participants from the military looked at him in disdain having seen him wet his pants.

Most of the people from big families showed no emotions, and a small group looked empathic toward him.

Seeing someone collapsing, those five royal guards walked over, and the one in the front grabbed Bi Yuntao by the collar and asked coldly, “Are you Bi Yuntao from Ning City?”

“I… am…” Bi Yuntao stuttered, and no redness could be seen on his face.

Hearing the reply, the royal guards pulled him off the ground like a chickling and walked away.

After a few seconds, Bi Yuntao reacted, crying and begging while his legs kicked around.

The royal guard in the lead looked at him in disdain before stopping and stomping Bi Yuntao’s legs.

Crack! Crack! Bi Yuntao’s leg bones broke!

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