Chapter 118: The Test Outside the Venue (Part One)

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When Fang Jie walked out of the venue, he was still dumbfounded. Under the jealous and envious gazes of all other participants, Fang Jie forced himself not to show fear. With his head slightly raised, he walked out with a smile.

After leaving the venue, Fang Jie couldn’t help but rub his face; his facial muscles were stiff from smiling too much.

Fang Jie found a big tree and sat in the shade before thinking back to what happened.

The Emperor’s sudden edict didn’t only bring Fang Jie a ton of joy. After thinking that he obtained excellent ratings for these five written tests, he felt a headache; he felt like this would bring him trouble in the future.

Fang Jie was someone who liked to worry about the future. His first reaction wasn’t that his path into the Martial Arts Academy was now stable; he worried about the unnecessary trouble that this new-found fame might bring him. Fang Jie was afraid of trouble, even though he had been experiencing trouble all his life.

After sitting for a bit and calming down, Fang Jie directly lay in the cool shade and rested with his eyes closed.

Technically, he could go back today. According to schedule, the martial tests would happen tomorrow. Also, since the Emperor executed Bi Yuntao and delayed the written tests, the martial tests might be delayed as well.

Although it seemed like Fang Jie was wasting time by lying here, he didn’t plan to leave. At least he didn’t think it was time for him to leave.

Lying on the grass, Fang Jie chewed on a blade of grass and looked at the thick leaves of the tree above him with a bright smile.

Before walking into the gate of the Martial Arts Academy, Fang Jie had never thought that things would take such an unexpected turn.

He had imagined many times and tried to think of all the possible trouble he might face today. He even thought that if he failed to make it into the Martial Arts Academy, should he go and ask Xiang Qingniu for protection?

After all, it seemed like he had many enemies in Chang’an. If he couldn’t make it into the Martial Arts Academy, he couldn’t live in Chang’an for three years. Although he could choose to become a civil official in Belvedere of Literary Profundity or other places, he knew himself well, and it wasn’t a good path for him. He would be done once his knowledge from Earth got used up.

The most important thing was that he didn’t have much new knowledge.

He could rely on pinyin and math for a while, but those weren’t complex subjects. If he entered civil agencies such as Belvedere of Literary Profundity, others would find out about his true knowledge soon.

Also, he remembered what Zhuo Buyi told him. The fights between scholars were crueler than the fights between soldiers during battle.

Everything was in the open on the battlefield, but scholars and civil officials would stab you from places that you wouldn’t expect, ending your life mercilessly.

Wu Yidao had told Fang Jie something similar.

Fang Jie had experiences on Earth and in this world, so he knew that without wisdom and high tolerance, it was extremely tough for someone without an insane amount of knowledge to succeed in politics.

In comparison, Fang Jie would rather enter the military than becoming a civil official. With his limited understanding of politics and behaviors, he would die in others’ schemes quickly.

He lacked experience in this field, and he needed time to grow.

If Fang Jie only had two choices, one being entering the government where fighting with others secretly was more important, and the other being entering One Qi Daoist Temple and becoming a small daoist, he would choose the second option without hesitation.

Although he could soar into the sky with the first choice, it was also extremely dangerous. Many talented people from poor backgrounds were turned into dust by influential figures after they entered the government. The second option seemed unambitious, and it was calm and steady.

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