Chapter 119: The Intelligence of a Big Eunuch and a Small Eunuch (Part One)

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The five written tests would only end close to the sunset, and the Emperor didn’t have time to sit on the stage for the full day.

After the examiners passed out the papers, the Emperor stayed around for a bit and left.

Luo Weiran followed the Emperor with the royal guards.

However, without question, the person closest to the Emperor was the eunuch named Su Buwei.

Before Wu Peisheng died, no one paid attention to Su Buwei. After Wu Peisheng died, Su Buwei went from an unknown eunuch to a eunuch who had the most power.

Although he only had a rank 6 position, no one could doubt that he was comparable to high-ranking officials who had purple uniforms.

The emperors’ close servants always had a bigger influence on them compared to big officials. This was possible since these servants knew the emperors the most.

Luo Weiran walked in the back and couldn’t help but observe this eunuch whose back was slightly bent even when he was walking. Even though Luo Weiran was the Royal Guard Captain and didn’t pay much attention to this eunuch, he felt a little helpless since he knew nothing about this eunuch’s strength.

Since the Emperor picked Su Buwei to be his close servant, it meant that this person wasn’t a wastrel.

Luo Weiran wasn’t this afraid of Wu Peisheng since he understood the latter. Even though Wu Peisheng was a rare level 7 runemaster, he couldn’t pose any threat to Luo Weiran.

Su Buwei was different; Luo Weiran knew nothing about him. Perhaps no one knew anything about him other than the Emperor.

“Bring Fang Jie to Smooth Spring Garden; I have many things to do,” the Emperor ordered, and Su Buwei quickly nodded and ordered a small eunuch to summon Fang Jie.

When he heard Fang Jie’s name, Luo Weiran couldn’t help but smile. That young man only entered Chang’an recently, yet he was in the center of public attention. His experience was too unique, which was hard to say if he was lucky or not. After all, the Emperor frequently thought about him, which was enough for many people to feel jealous.

Many big figures could only see the Emperor during daily morning meetings, and they couldn’t get close to the Emperor during other times. It was almost impossible for the Emperor to think of them.

However, Fang Jie, a scout from a border city, was summoned to Smooth Spring Garden twice by the Emperor already; others would all be jealous of him.

The Emperor’s horse-drawn carriage left the Martial Arts Academy in a lowkey fashion, and those officials of different agencies all returned to their offices to work.

Only those few grand scholars stayed behind and waited for the five written tests to be finished. Since they were all honorary professors of the Martial Arts Academy, they couldn’t just leave on this occasion. After the tests, they had to grade the papers with other professors.

When Fang Jie received the summon, the Emperor was already outside the academy. The residents of Chang’an who gathered around the gate were still there, and no one could imagine that the Emperor was sitting in the ordinary-looking horse-drawn carriage that just left the academy.

At this moment, the Emperor suddenly changed his mind.

“Let Fang Jie catch up; I will meet him on the horse-drawn carriage.”

Su Buwei was surprised, and he reminded the Emperor in a low voice, “Boarding Your Majesty’s horse-drawn carriage is a great honor; is it too early for him to receive such an honor? After all, his status is too low, and obtaining such an honor might not be beneficial for him right now.

The Emperor smiled and said, “Your eyes are always the sharpest!”

Su Buwei smiled with his head lowered. “I’m only saying such a thing since it seems like Your Majesty is interested in this young man. He is only a small soldier from a border city; Chang’an is too big for him.”

“You are right.” The Emperor waved his hand and said, “Let’s do it according to your suggestion. Although Fang Jie’s background is low, he is the most interesting young man I have met these years. Compared to him, other talented young men all seem too flimsy. You also went to see the little trap that Royal King Yi set up; didn’t you praise him as well? I’m about to launch a military operation in the northwest; it might be the biggest war in the history of Great Sui. Now, I must make an example for people from poor backgrounds, letting them see that if they have talent, I will appreciate them. With hope, they would do things more diligently.”

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