Chapter 121: Puke (Part One)

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Fang Jie stayed in the building until the morning of the second day. Although his talk with the Emperor only lasted about half an hour, the gate of Smooth Spring Garden already closed at that time, and no one would open it without an edict from the Emperor.

Therefore, Fang Jie was given a room to sleep in.

The Emperor asked him about Fangu, but Fang Jie had corroborated with Zhuo Buyi and knew the version of the story that the Royal Guard gave to the Emperor.

Right now, he wasn’t strong and brave enough to tear this lie apart.

Fang Jie left Fangu before this horrifying incident took place, and he didn’t see Li Yuanshan wiping out the entire city.

Zhuo Buyi didn’t lie to Fang Jie and told him the truth, but Fang Jie didn’t have the power to avenge the residents of Fangu who he was close with.

If he was more impulsive, perhaps he could state the truth to the Emperor. However, Li Xiaozong and Li Yuanshan wouldn’t be the first to die; it would be him.

If Li Yuanshan said that Fang Jie killed the imperial commissioner who was sent to Fangu, no one in a high position could be Fang Jie’s witness and prove that he was framed.

At Fang Jie’s current position, he couldn’t sway the Emperor’s decisions at all.

Great Sui was about to launch a military operation in the northwest, and it was the territory of Right Valiant Guard.

Once the war was waged, Right Valiant Guard would charge forward first under Li Yuanshan’s command.

There were two options in front of the Emperor if Fang Jie voiced the truth. The Emperor could either wipe out a first-tier family to avenge those people who died in Fangu for so-called justice, or he could pretend nothing happened, encourage Li Yuanshan, and ask the latter to lead the soldiers and earn the most military merit in the history of Great Sui!

It wouldn’t be tough for the Emperor to make the decision.

When talking to the Emperor, Fang Jie felt like the truth was about to escape in between his teeth for a moment. However, he bit his lips and forced those words back into his mind.

Now lying on the bed in the room, Fang Jie suddenly thought of one possibility.

The Emperor probably knew what happened in Fangu, but he decided to tolerate it for the upcoming war, the supreme glory of Great Sui, and his huge ambition. He pardoned Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard who lied to him and Major Li Xiaozong of Fangu who created this atrocity.

The Emperor needed a great general who could bring him victories and not a criminal who could shake the foundation of Great Sui.

Upon thinking about this, Fang Jie sweated profusely out of fear. If his guess were correct, the Emperor would have killed him mercilessly once he mentioned what really happened in Fangu.

Fang Jie knew that the Emperor liked him after he contributed pinyin, basic math, and radio calisthenics. However, they were nothing compared to the honor and stability of Great Sui.

If Fang Jie were in the Emperor’s shoes, he would make a quick decision as well.

While feeling fortunate for not speaking the truth, Fang Jie could no longer sleep. He murmured while lying on the bed, and perhaps he didn’t even know what he was murmuring about.

The taste of the porridge in this place was good, but Fang Jie couldn’t only drink it once.

It wasn’t because the porridge was that special; the location where he drank it was.

Fang Jie got up from the bed and started to exercise like crazy in the small room.

He practiced a set of fist technique several times and then went onto One Saber Strike that the crippled old man taught him. After 1 AM, Fang Jie finally managed to throw him onto the bed and fall asleep; the fatigue made him temporarily unable to ponder and think about the residents of Fangu.

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