Chapter 122: The Change to the Martial Tests (Part One)

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Fang Jie wasn’t a stranger to long-distance running. Although when he encountered danger since he was little, Mu Xiaoyao would pull him by his belt and flee. However, he knew that it was better to rely on himself, and he developed his expertise in running.

Also, with the mind from the modern world on Earth, his understanding of running was different from other participants.

At least not everyone knew that if they gave 100 percent right off the bat, they were going to lose for sure.

After running out of Chang’an, the group of participants already separated into a long line, ranging for one kilometer.

Fang Jie followed the first chunk of people that maintained the lead, not lagging further behind and not advancing forward.

While running, Fang Jie discovered that he wasn’t the only person who knew the importance of conserving energy.

There were five people close to him who weren’t charging forward.

Fang Jie knew these five people.

The closest to him was Zhang Kuang, the lieutenant from Anyan City who joked with him.

Pei Chuxing of the Pei Family and Cui Pingzhou of Boling Cui Family were running next to Zhang Kuang.

Not far behind Fang Jie, there was Xie Fuyao of Yangtze-South Xie Family, and Lu Fan of Chen-State Lu Family was between them.

Clearly, these few young men from big families weren’t spoiled. From their movements, Fang Jie could tell that they probably all started practicing martial arts at a young age, and it seemed like their physiques were stronger than his. That was only a guess since Fang Jie didn’t know what physique he had.

These people all knew the importance of breathing correctly when running long-distance. Their mouths were slightly open, and their breathing was long and steady.

In terms of knowledge, Fang Jie had to admit that these gongzi were much better. After all, people from big families had huge advantages compared to people from poor backgrounds who had to learn on their own.

These gongzi probably started to read classic literature at the age of five, and reputable teachers taught them every day. At about 12 years old, they were all great at zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and they would have started cultivating already under the guidance of cultivation masters.

When they were reading classic literature, most of the children from poor backgrounds were playing in their mothers’ arms. When they started cultivation and practicing martial arts, most of the children from poor backgrounds started to help their parents with work in the fields.

Children from big families couldn’t be that much smarter compared to children from poor backgrounds, but they started on the right paths much earlier, ditching children from poor backgrounds far behind them.

Fang Jie admired people like Pei Chuxing, Xie Fuyao, and Cui Pingzhou. These people came from big families, yet they worked harder than others. Their childhood was mostly occupied by learning.

They didn’t only need to learn zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting; they also needed to have the ability to differentiate between antiques and fakes, be able to tell where makeups came from by a stiff, and know which jewelry shop the women’s accessories came from by a glance.

In Fang Jie’s eyes, such knowledge that these people from big families had was all for showing-off. However, it wasn’t easy to become a gongzi who could show-off successfully.

Most people from big families didn’t have such perseverance, and not many of them could spend most of their time learning.

Since they were born with silver spoons in their mouths, they had access to tempting things, such as delicious food, great liquor, and beautiful women.

These things that people from poor backgrounds couldn’t come to contact with were too common for these gongzi.

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