Chapter 122: The Change to the Martial Tests (Part Three)

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After landing the strike, Zhang Kuang chased after Fang Jie.

“Gather!” Zhang Kuang shouted while dashing forward.

Many people didn’t hear what he shouted, but the participants from the military all knew the meaning behind it.

After Zhang Kuang shouted, some soldiers close by started to gather around him. Soon, a little more than a dozen soldiers in the first chunk of participants in the lead got close to each other.

“Sharp Arrow!” Zhang Kuang shouted again.

Then, these soldiers quickly formed an array formation in about 20 seconds.

There were about 20 basic array formations that the military of Great Sui practiced, and the soldiers knew these array formations to heart. Although they were from various places in Great Sui and had never trained together before, they were able to cooperate with each other after hearing Zhang Kuang’s command. This showed the quality of the soldiers of Great Sui

“Fang Jie! Come into the middle of the array formation!” Zhang Kuang shouted while charging forward and becoming the tip of the sharp-arrow array formation.

Fang Jie looked back before shouting, “I will be the tip!”

Before Zhang Kuang could reject, Fang Jie already merged into the sharp-arrow array formation. To prevent the array formation from breaking apart after Fang Jie joined in, Zhang Kuang could only give the position of the tip to Fang Jie.

In battle, the soldier in the tip of the sharp-arrow array formation always experienced the most danger, and the soldier in the middle was better protected.

“Elite soldiers of Great Sui, always advance forward!” Zhang Kuang who had backed off into the middle of the array formation chanted the siege command of the military, and all the soldiers in the array formation followed, “Advance forward!”

While running, Zhang Kuang said to Fang Jie, “Don’t force yourself too hard. If cultivation masters come, just back into the middle. Don’t fight with me. Among us soldiers, you have the highest chance of making it into the top three. Since soldiers started to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, no soldier made it into the top three. Since you obtained excellent ratings in the five written tests already, you will be in the top three after getting an excellent rating in one martial test! We already discussed this! We will make it happen no matter what!”

Fang Jie felt warm inside, and he replied without looking back, “Thanks! Since we already made the array formation, let’s cross the finish line together! Don’t leave anyone behind!”

“Ok!” Zhang Kuang seemed to be stimulated by Fang Jie’s words, and he pointed at the direction of the training field and shouted, “Let’s cross the finish line together! Let them see the power of us soldiers!”

Lu Fan endured the excruciating pain, wiped away the blood on his lips, and dashed forward. While running, he said to Xie Fuyao who ran past him coldly, “Brother Xie, how about we join hands? Later, people who are alone will be the targets of others. Only joining hands will make others afraid.”

Xie Fuyao didn’t even look at him while dashing forward. “I don’t need to join hands with anyone. If you don’t want to be knocked out, don’t get any closer.”

Xie Fuyao’s tone was cold and haughty; it seemed like in his eyes, Lu Fan wasn’t on his level and didn’t deserve his attention.

Lu Fan bit his lips and cursed. Seeing that Cui Pingzhou and Pei Chuxing weren’t fighting and dashing forward side-by-side, he instantly sped up and chased after them.

“Brothers, how about the three of us join hands?”

“I might have considered it if you didn’t sneak-attack Fang Jie.” Cui Pingzhou turned around and looked at him while speaking coldly, “Your punch earlier was sneaky.”

“You can’t say that! Sneak-attack is one of the military tactics!” Lu Fan explained with a loud voice.


Before Lu Fan could finish speaking, a strong force struck his chest and knocked him away.

This force was quite strange. Although it was powerful, it didn’t injure him.

This force was profound yet soft. After he flew for a while and smashed into the ground, his organs weren’t damaged.

If the person who struck him didn’t hold back, he would be dead by now.

“You are right.” Pei Chuxing of the Pei Family pulled back his left hand and looked at Lu Fan who got knocked into the water ditch on the side of the public road. He said, “Sneak-attack is indeed a tactic, but I’m not interested in cooperating with wastrels who fail to sneak-attack others.”

Cui Pingzhou smiled and pointed at those soldiers who already ahead of them. “What about them?”

While dashing forward, Pei Chuxing replied, “Let’s deal with them after they get to the training field; just let them dash forward now. With their cultivation strength, their stamina would be depleted when they get to the training field. The so-called sharp-arrow array formation is weak and useless.”

Battles were happening everywhere on the public road.

Because of that professor’s sudden command, the dark side of human nature was revealed.

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