Chapter 123: Fuyao from Yangtze-South (Part One)

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The soldiers who were in the sharp-arrow array formation gradually separated from the crowd, staying on one side of the public road and advancing quickly.

They no longer worried about the people far behind them; those people no longer posed a threat.

With Zhang Kuang in the middle and Fang Jie in the front, the sharp-arrow array formation shot toward the training field like a real arrow.

Xie Fuyao from Yangtze-South was slightly behind them.

This gongzi’s wide sleeves fluttered in the wind as he dashed forward, but he wasn’t in a hurry to surpass Fang Jie and others. He stayed behind the sharp-arrow array formation and didn’t show any hostility.

However, in Fang Jie’s eyes, Xie Fuyao’s position was crucial, looking like a fierce beast that was threatening the backline of the sharp-arrow array formation.

As one of the fundamental array formations of Great Sui’s military, the sharp-arrow array formation was an aggressive siege formation.

This formation was more suitable for cavalrymen. Since there were so few cavalrymen in Great Sui, it was up to infantrymen to siege and break the enemy’s formations.

Great Sui had been around for more than 100 years, and it had never lost a single war with a foreign power. The military relied on the well-trained infantrymen and the powerful array formations.

Great Sui’s infantrymen were unrivaled against Shang, Eastern Chu, Southern Yan, and Southern Zhao.

In terms of official positions, Zhang Kuang was the highest-ranked. He was a lieutenant, and Fang Jie was only a corporal. He was several levels lower.

According to the military laws of Great Sui, the command right was always in the hands of the highest-ranked person.

Fang Jie was in the front of the array formation, looking like the arrowhead.

The people in the lead were charging forward even faster, afraid that people behind them would catch up.

Before getting to the training field, Fang Jie didn’t want to get too close with the people in the front. If they battled, the people behind them could easily surpass them.

Right now, everyone in the front had similar thoughts. Before seeing the finish line, it wasn’t beneficial for them to actively block others.

The gate into the training field was wide open, and several professors in moon-white long robes stood on top of the gate of the small city in the field.

Seeing the participants getting close, the professor in the lead suddenly opened the thing that he was holding. As if he released a giant python, the big banner opened, stretching from the top of the city wall to the bottom.

Without taking a closer look, everyone could clearly see the big words written on it with ink.

[Participants who reach the finish line without fighting will be disqualified.]

Fang Jie wanted to curse when he saw this, and he thought, “How could the professors of the academy be this cunning?”

With this banner open, the people in the front who didn’t want to fight each other yet had to engage in combat. There were only a few dozens of people in the lead, and they didn’t plan on fighting the people close to them if they could reach the finish line in the first group.

After all, the people who were still in the lead by now weren’t wastrels.

As soon as Fang Jie and his peers’ array formation froze for a second, Xie Fuyao who was behind them all this time dashed into the air like an eagle, flying over the array formation and reaching the gate of the training field.

Zhang Kuang who was giving commands in the middle of the array formation was stunned. He looked at Xie Fuyao but didn’t give the order of attack.

“Look for someone else!” Zhang Kuang shouted after a moment of hesitation.

Since they only needed to fight someone, they didn’t need to offend Xie Fuyao who ranked in the top among all participants.

Fang Jie also had the same thought, so he charged toward where most people were after hearing Zhang Kuang’s command.

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