Chapter 123: Fuyao from Yangtze-South (Part Two)

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Fang Jie had already observed and knew who was stronger and who was weaker.

Fang Jie instantly found seven participants who gathered together. These people should be from the same state, and it seemed like they talked before the entrance exam. In order to quickly spot each other, they all tied right ribbons around their right arms.

These seven people gathered together from the beginning, and they didn’t separate.

Although they weren’t coordinating with each other perfectly, every angle was monitored; they weren’t rookies who had no real combat experience.

Fang Jie and his peers might not be able to defeat these people one-on-one, but Fang Jie wasn’t worried.

The combat techniques of soldiers all came from real battles and not from books. Even though they weren’t from the same armies, their coordination was seamless.

Fang Jie was confident in their group fight abilities.


Fang Jie led the sharp-arrow array formation and collided with those seven participants.

Fang Jie leaned forward to dodge the punch that one participant threw toward him, then he lowered his right knee with his left leg behind him, swinging his left shoulder forward and slamming into that participant’s chest.

As soon as their bodies touched, Fang Jie’s right leg suddenly straightened, causing his shoulders to shoot upward and knock that participant backward into the air.

One companion of this participant was surprised and didn’t have the time to help his friend.

He could only clench his teeth and punch toward Fang Jie’s chest.

Fang Jie just straightened his back, and he didn’t have time to dodge.

However, it didn’t seem like Fang Jie wanted to dodge.

Just as that fist was about to land on Fang Jie’s chest, the soldier to Fang Jie’s left punched that man’s abdomen.

This punch wasn’t light, and that person instantly curled up like a shrimp.

Fang Jie didn’t even look at this person; he stomped on the ground and charged forward.

The soldiers behind him changed their positions and helped him block the attacks coming from the two sides, allowing him to focus on the person in front of him.

This was the coordination that soldiers of Great Sui had. Each array formation was like a delicate machine. The two soldiers to the two sides of Fang Jie blocked attacks for him, and the soldiers behind them expanded the array formation, turning the sharp-arrow array formation into the triangular array formation.

The widening of the array formation enlarged the crack that Fang Jie put into their opponents’ formation.

It felt like a wedge was struck into a piece of wood.

Although their opponents’ strength wasn’t low, their coordination couldn’t be compared to that of well-trained soldiers.

After the defensive formation that these seven participants put up was torn apart by Fang Jie, the sharp-arrow array formation divided them up in the middle.

Fang Jie didn’t do anything cruel; he only used his shoulders and elbows to knock down the people in front of him.

Now, Fang Jie was confident; he was no longer the wastrel who would look up to level 2 cultivation masters.

Soon, the team got to the gate of the training field.

“Don’t fight unnecessarily!” Zhang Kuang shouted at Fang Jie before issuing orders, changing the direction.

When Fang Jie turned around, his legs suddenly froze.

Xie Fuyao from Yangtze-South was standing in front of the gate. With his hands behind his back, he looked at Fang Jie and his peers with interest in his eyes.

Fang Jie liked knowing every person who could be his opponents. Before the exam, he went to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence and asked many questions about these hyped-up participants shamelessly, getting almost everything that Wu Yidao knew out of his mouth.

However, the information from Wu Yidao didn’t satisfy him. He even ‘scammed’ some pieces of information from Zhuo Buyi by using the shameless threat of making Mu Xiaoyao not go back to the Royal Guard.

With all the information, Fang Jie knew how terrifying this young man who blocked their way was.

Xie Fuyao was famous in Yangtze-South since he was young, but his other identity made others more concerned – the in-name disciple of Spiritual Master Zhang of Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain.

The so-called in-name disciple made it sound like Xie Fuyao was an insignificant disciple. Many members of big families wanted to make themselves sound better, so they would always get connections with the more famous factions.

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