Chapter 124: Dashing Into the Sky (Part One)

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Xie Fuyao slowly raised his hand and pointed at Fang Jie, but Fang Jie’s expression changed. When Xie Fuyao pointed out his finger, Fang Jie suddenly thought of someone else. That person was also handsome and elegant, yet he was terrifyingly powerful; he was from the Buddhist Sect.

Although Fang Jie never battled Chenya, he could imagine how powerful that man was from the descriptions that Mu Xiaoyao and others told him.

With only one finger strike from afar, Chenya penetrated Chen Qingshan’s steel longsword and almost killed Da Quan. Then, Chenya easily escaped from Royal Guard Captain Luo Weiran and cultivation masters from the Intelligence Department, the Court of Judicial Review, and the Ministry of Justice.

Therefore, when Xie Fuyao pointed out his finger, Fang Jie became extremely cautious.

After shouting the order of retreat, he instantly dashed backward.

Fang Jie showed enough respect toward Xie Fuyao already, but he didn’t expect Xie Fuyao’s strength to reach such a shocking level.

Although Fang Jie backed off, his peers didn’t react in time. Within seconds, the two soldiers beside Fang Jie groaned in pain and fell to the ground. No injuries could be seen, but their eyes were shut, and their bodies twitched as if they were experiencing excruciating pain.

Xie Fuyao’s left index finger slowly moved toward Fang Jie.

Fang Jie was alerted, so he quickly dropped onto the ground as a streak of force dashed by him and almost touched the back of his head.

A groan sounded behind Fang Jie. Clearly, someone lost his combat ability after getting hit by Xie Fuyao’s finger strike.

“All move! Separate!” Zhang Kuang shouted behind Fang Jie before lowering his body and charging forward. The other eight soldiers hesitated for a moment before lowering their bodies and moving forward as well. They separated themselves and didn’t move in straight lines, changing their positions and approaching Xie Fuyao in a cone-shape.

Xie Fuyao smiled and pointed out his left middle finger.

“There are four variations to this finger technique, and they are named after the four seasons,” Xie Fuyao said calmly, “With two fingers, the strike will be like the wind in spring, only restricting opponents and not injuring them. Be careful.”

With his two fingers pointing outward, Xie Fuyao didn’t do anything else. However, just like what he said, his strike was like the wind in spring; who could dodge the wind?

Groans sounded repeatedly, and three soldiers who were charging forward froze almost at the same time before losing their balance and falling to the ground.

As if their bodies were turned into stiff wooden logs, they fell with their bodies straightened, not even doing anything to protect themselves.

Some people directly fell on their faces, and blood rushed out of their noses and lips.

Xie Fuyao was still calm, and his eyes were locked onto the young border soldier who became famous from yesterday. He didn’t even glance at the soldiers who he knocked down.

Everyone was shocked by what Xie Fuyao demonstrated.

The four professors standing on top of the city gate were stunned, and the oldest among them was Yan Ji, the professor who was greeting guests yesterday at the gate of the Martial Arts Academy.

There was a thin and tall professor to his left, and this man looked to be about 40 years old. After seeing Xie Fuyao’s movement, he couldn’t help but sighed, “This must be the Four-Symbol Finger of Wudang Mountain.”

Yan Ji nodded and said, “Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain has three ultimate techniques, and they are Tai Chi Fist, Yin Yang Sword, and Four-Symbol Finger. Xie Fuyao is a close disciple of Spiritual Master Zhang, so it isn’t surprising that he learned Four-Symbol Finger. However, it is surprising that someone of his age could use this finger technique to this degree. Mo Wanwu, how does this technique compare to God-Awakening Finger of your Dark Creek Garden?”

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