Chapter 124: Dashing Into the Sky (Part Three)

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That force quickly found its way into his sea of qi before sealing it. All the qi-points in his body were blocked at this moment, and he could no longer use his cultivation strength.

Like a lock, Xie Fuyao’s strike imprisoned him!

When Lu Fan landed on the ground, the seven participants who were attacked by Fang Jie’s group looked at each other before running forward, zigzagging. Like seven fish, they quickly approached the gate.

Xie Fuyao temporarily shifted his attention away from Fang Jie and looked at these seven people. Then, he slowly pointed out his left pinky finger.

The two people in the foremost instantly groaned and fell to the ground. Just like Lu Fan, their seas of qi and qi-points were sealed.

The streaks of forces that Xie Fuyao sent out were extremely agile. After sealing one person, they quickly found the next target. They were like many fast yet invisible snakes, encircling in the air before sneak-attacking.

Yan Ji looked down at the battle and praised, “This person is unrivaled among his peers. He is already a level 7 master at such a young age. If he unleashes his full power, even we would be troubled. Such a strange finger technique is hard to defend against.”

Mo Wanwu smiled and said, “Brother Ji, you sure don’t hold back your praises. Although this kid’s strength is unparalleled in his generation, he isn’t strong enough to trouble us. However, I couldn’t defeat him with God-Awakening Finger if I’m his age.”

Yan Ji nodded and didn’t say anything else. He discovered that Xie Fuyao wasn’t planning to stop any time soon.

Xie Fuyao already pointed out four out of five left fingers, blocking out at least 20 participants. However, he didn’t seem pleased by this record. His left thumb was straightening, tying down other ten-or-so people who were in the lead.

“One against 30,” Mo Wanwu commented, “He looks gentle and talks elegantly; it is hard to imagine that he is a maniac.”

Just as he said that, Xie Fuyao suddenly looked toward the direction of the small city and said, “Professor, you said that Four-Symbol Finger doesn’t deserve to be called unrivaled. I agree with you. There are so many techniques in the world; how could one finger technique dominate the martial arts circle? I always want to know the weakness of Four Symbol Finger, and it must be discovered in battle. Professor, can I challenge other people during today’s tests?”

Mo Wanwu responded subconsciously, “You can.”

“Ok, then please teach me, Professor.” After saying that calmly, Xie Fuyao suddenly raised his right hand and pointed his right thumb toward Mo Wanwu, “Summer variation; the finger strike is like thunder.”

Bam! As if a thin lightning bolt appeared in mid-air, Xie Fuyao’s internal force instantly reached Mo Wanwu. It was powerful and almost tangible; it felt like a lightning bolt flashed by.

“Arrogance!” Mo Wanwu snorted and flicked his finger, sending out a streak of force.

When the two finger forces collided, the air even started to ripple.

Mo Wanwu’s face changed color, and his finger strike also changed quickly. “I’m surprised that Four-Symbol Finger contains such variations. It seems like the person who defeated me back then held back strength!”

“The person who taught me this finger technique in place of my master was my third senior brother, the one who defeated you.”

After saying that, Xie Fuyao looked at Pei Chuxing whose eyes grew brighter and brighter. “Brother, since you are itching for battle, why not attack?”

Xie Fuyao’s right middle finger pointed at Pei Chuxing from afar.

“Let’s see how much I learned from my senior brother. I will let the world see if this ultimate technique of Wudang Mountain is truly unrivaled.”

Gongzi Xie reached out both of his hands, and he looked like Kunpeng that dashed 50,000 kilometers into the sky. He appeared calm, but he was proud enough to look down on the world.

[TL Note: Kunpeng is an enormous legendary bird transformed from a gigantic fish.]

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