Chapter 125: Thunder-Like Summer Variation (Part One)

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While dodging non-stop, Fang Jie looked around and found that even Zhang Kuang, who was a top-tier level 4 master, had fallen. Out of all the soldiers, Fang Jie was the only person who wasn’t knocked out.

Fang Jie couldn’t cultivate, so he couldn’t sense the forces of nature. However, he could tell Xie Fuyao’s finger force was going after him. Once he stopped moving, he might be instantly struck.

Fang Jie felt like he was a fighter jet that was being tracked by a heat-seeking missile.

It was annoying and frustrating.

His opponent was standing there, but he couldn’t get away from this annoying finger force and engage in close-range combat.

All of Fang Jie’s techniques were meant for close-range combat, so he could only try to dodge at this distance.

Now battling with a cultivation master, Fang Jie finally realized the power of cultivation.

Even though Fang Jie was tough physically, he couldn’t get close to his opponent. He could only get played by his opponent.

It seemed like Xie Fuyao had lost interest in obtaining the highest rating, and he focused on the joy of battling.

His calm eyes started to get heated. All men are aggressive and desired for battle. Once their desire is stimulated, it would be unstoppable like a waterfall.

Someone had said that violence was a part of human nature. Regardless of how elegant someone was, they couldn’t suppress this primal desire once it was ignited, both male and female.

Fang Jie dashed backward and slid on the road for a while. Then, he paused and straightened his body. He could feel that the finger force also froze not far away once he stopped moving, observing him as if it was alive.

Fang Jie’s chest moved up and down. The non-stop dodging consumed a ton of his stamina, and sweat already appeared on his forehead, shining under the sun.

He took a deep breath and tried to sense his sea of qi out of the unwillingness to admit defeat. Although he didn’t sense anything, he wasn’t that disappointed. He stared at Xie Fuyao and sensed that this man wanted to tease him.

When he moved, that finger force followed. When he stopped, that finger force froze.

Many thoughts flashed in Fang Jie’s mind. Fang Jie had to deal with the issue of not being able to approach Xie Fuyao.

If he couldn’t get close, he could only be teased a few meters away from the training field.

No man liked being teased like this, even though Fang Jie knew that he was the underdog in this fight.

Cultivation masters could turn the forces of nature into their internal forces to defeat opponents.

Fang Jie was used to battling with weapons, and he had killed quite a few people on his way to Chang’an, including a level 4 master of the Intelligence Department who underestimated him.

However, Fang Jie knew that if that level 4 master used the full strength, he would stand no chance.

Battling with sabers was quite different from the combat style of cultivation masters.

Today, Fang Jie experienced the powerlessness once again.

“Don’t look down on yourself. You are no longer an insignificant soldier from Fangu, and you can raise your head to see further away. Your opponents during the entrance exam won’t be no-names. The fact that talented young people see you as an opponent is validation for you. How many people could be seen by Pei Chuxing of the Pei Family, Yu Xiao of the Yu Family, and Xie Fuyao of the Xie Family as opponents?” Wu Yidao said this to Fang Jie before the exam, and now it rang in Fang Jie’s head again.

“When you sense your power, perhaps you won’t be fearful of other masters. I don’t know if it would be a good thing for you to be fearless. If it is a bad thing… you should make others fearful of you instead.”

When Wu Yidao said this, Fang Jie thought that this man was being polite and kind with praises. Now that he recalled this, he seemed to be inspired.

“I won’t be fearful of others once I discover my power. Where is my power? How do I realize it?” Fang Jie asked himself, but he couldn’t find the answer.

Fang Jie looked around and saw that not many people were standing.

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