Chapter 125: Thunder-Like Summer Variation (Part Two)

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Cui Pingzhou looked disheveled, but he was still standing since he wasn’t hit by the finger force yet.

Pei Chuxing who was as famous as Xie Fuyao showed his power, slowly walking forward and waving his hands, getting rid of those finger forces like flies.

It seemed like the finger forces couldn’t do anything to him.

The other young man who many people believed could be the no.1 student was Yu Xiao of the Yu Family. He was only looking at Xie Fuyao with a cold stare, not showing any emotions.

With his hands behind his back, it seemed like he wasn’t attacked by the finger forces, but Fang Jie could tell that the powerful finger forces couldn’t penetrate Yu Xiao’s defense.

Although it seemed like Yu Xiao wasn’t doing anything, he had already spread his internal force around his body, blocking out Xie Fuyao’s wind-like finger forces

On the city wall, Professor Mo Wanwu who entered the fray under Xie Fuyao’s invitation had a gloomy expression. He changed his techniques to deal with Xie Fuyao’s attacks, but he couldn’t use his full strength since he was a professor. The prolonged battle frustrated him.

Without question, Xie Fuyao’s attacks toward him were different from his attacks toward others.

Xie Fuyao’s attacks toward others were like winds of spring, gentle and soft. However, his attack toward Mo Wanwu was the thunder-like summer variation. It felt like thunder could be heard when he attacked.

Fang Jie looked toward the participants who were knocked down by Xie Fuyao. Every one of them slightly twitched on the ground. They wanted to get up, but they didn’t have the energy. Even Zhang Kuang couldn’t get up.

They all lost their strength.

Fang Jie suddenly thought of something. “When would people lose all their stamina and energy?”

Fang Jie who seemed enlightened caught Xie Fuyao’s attention.

In the beginning, Xie Fuyao didn’t attack Fang Jie with his full strength.

Just like what he said, Xie Fuyao wanted to see the limit of this young man who the Emperor brought to the center of everyone’s attention.

He didn’t think that someone who the Emperor appreciated wouldn’t be able to fight back. He felt like someone like Fang Jie must have his secrets and abilities.

Since Xie Fuyao saw Fang Jie as an opponent, he wanted to know more about Fang Jie, so he waited.

Using the wind-like finger energies to restrict opponents was one of the features of Four-Symbol Finger of Wudang Mountain.

Four-Symbol Finger contained four variations, and every variation could unleash many different attacks.

Wudang Mountain had three ultimate techniques, which were Tai-Chi Fist, Yin-Yang Sword, and Four-Symbol Finger. Together with Big Qi Cycle and Small Qi Cycle of Pure Joy Mountain, they were known as the Five Ultimate Techniques of the Daoist Sect. Although Four-Symbol Finger was the last on the list, any technique on this list was powerful.

Xie Fuyao wanted to test Fang Jie’s hidden strength, but Fang Jie looked disheveled right now and didn’t appear to have secret strength.

Just as Xie Fuyao started to get disappointed, the brightening of Fang Jie’s eyes caught his attention.

“Is he about to use his hidden strength?” Xie Fuyao thought as he moved his left thumb, and the finger force that was hidden before Fang Jie suddenly dashed toward his abdomen.

Fang Jie took a deep breath and didn’t dodge this time. He walked toward Xie Fuyao calmly.

When he took the first step, his abdomen sensed a chill, then the snake-like finger force dashed into his abdomen as if it wanted to taste delicious food.

This sensation could easily make others disgusted.

For some reason, Fang Jie smiled instead of being surprised when he sensed it.

Xie Fuyao’s eyes opened wide as he murmured in shock, “How… is this possible?”

Although Fang Jie couldn’t sense the forces of nature, he clearly felt Xie Fuyao’s finger force getting into his belly.

The snake-like finger force quickly moved in his belly as if it got lost, not having a target.

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