Chapter 125: Thunder-Like Summer Variation (Part Three)

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Suddenly, this finger force seemed to have discovered something, and it dashed toward the seven qi-points in Fang Jie’s body before sealing them, trying to lock Fang Jie’s internal force.

When Fang Jie sensed all this, he smiled brightly.

Xie Fuyao’s technique was useless on him!

That finger force moved in his belly without a target because it couldn’t find Fang Jie’s sea of qi! After it finally found a few qi-points and sealed them, it was still meaningless! There was no internal force inside those qi-points!

Fang Jie smiled; it felt like the bank account of someone who had no money got frozen.

After pausing for a second, Fang Jie took another step forward, walking toward Xie Fuyao who was in shock.

Fang Jie wasn’t fast, but it felt like his every step stomped on Xie Fuyao’s heart.

Xie Fuyao couldn’t help but feel nervous and a little fearful.

This was the first time that Four-Symbol Finger was useless on someone. When his third senior brother taught him this technique, he said that the spring variation could seal people’s seas of qi, and anyone hit by it couldn’t fight back. Even those who were stronger than him wouldn’t be able to use their internal forces once they were restricted by the spring variation.

Of course, those who were much more powerful or had tight defenses could render this variation useless.

Fang Jie slowly walked toward Xie Fuyao, and the confidence in his eyes intensified.

Professor Yan Ji moved his eyes away from Professor Mo Wanwu, and he gasped when he saw Fang Jie. “Huh? What is going on? This makes no sense!”

Suddenly, a burst of laughter sounded behind him, “He isn’t too dull. I thought he wouldn’t be able to notice his advantage in this fight. It seems like this little guy doesn’t know that his body is a great treasure.”

Hearing this, Yan Ji instantly turned around and bowed. “Greetings, Principal.”

Principal Zhou Banchuan of the Martial Arts Academy appeared behind Yan Ji, and he stroked his beard while nodding.

Then, he slowly walked forward and looked down at the young man who was walking forward confidently. He commented, “This year’s entrance exam is great. Xie Fuyao is almost invincible, but he ran into this monster.”

“Monster?” Yan Ji didn’t understand Principal Zhou’s meaning.

Zhou Banchuan nodded and said, “Eh, a monster. Perhaps he is the biggest monster in the history of Great Sui. Compared to Savage Luo of Yong State… he seems to be stranger.”

“Thunder-Like Summer Variation!”

Xie Fuyao concentrated and flicked the finger that he pointed at Fang Jie.

A streak of internal force that was completely different from before shot out. Since this strike was so fast, the air in the way rippled and vibrated.

The finger force of the spring variation was invisible, but not the summer variation.

A white lightning-bolt-like finger force pierced into Fang Jie’s abdomen. It was much faster, and it pierced into Fang Jie’s body like a saber.

Fang Jie’s lips twitched due to the pain.

The spring variation didn’t do anything to him, but the summer variation seemed to have cut through his abdomen. If someone else were in Fang Jie’s place, his sea of qi would have cracked under this aggressive attack, causing death.

However, Fang Jie didn’t die.

Although he was sensing excruciating pain, he didn’t die. Since he didn’t have a sea of qi, there was nothing to crack.

However, the pain made his face twist and turn wicked.

His eyes gradually turned pure red, and he continued to walk toward Xie Fuyao.

The latter grew more afraid, and he continued to flick his finger, sending many lightning-bolt-like finger forces into Fang Jie’s abdomen.

A streak of blood flowed down Fang Jie’s lips, and his eyes were bright red.

“You want to kill me?” Fang Jie walked to Xie Fuyao with a wicked expression.

While Xie Fuyao was anxious and afraid, Fang Jie suddenly punched his chin with an uppercut. Although it was a punch, it used One Saber Strike that Fang Jie learned from the crippled old man.

Bam! Fang Jie knocked away Xie Fuyao, who surprised many, like a cannonball, and the latter smashed into the wall of the small city in the training field.

Several cyan bricks shattered and created a ton of dust.

Blood fell from the air and traced out a path.

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