Chapter 126: An Qualified Opponent (Part One)

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When Xie Fuyao got knocked away, all the finger forces that he sent out returned to him like birds flying back to their nest. Of course, Fang Jie who couldn’t sense the forces of nature didn’t detect that.

Fang Jie looked wicked like a prehistoric beast, and his eyes were all red and quite scary.

After knocking Xie Fuyao away, Fang Jie sneered as he looked at this gongzi from Yangtze-South who slowly slid down the city wall.

Then, he dashed forward and appeared beside Xie Fuyao the next second.

Fang Jie stared down at Xie Fuyao with his red eyes and asked, “You wanted to kill me?”

His tone was as cold as 10,000-year-old ice, enough to make everyone shiver.

Fang Jie seemed like a beast that lost control.

Xie Fuyao tried to stand up by leaning against the wall, and the blood on his lips showed that he was severely injured.

In reality, if he didn’t use all the internal forces in his sea of qi to defend when Fang Jie attacked, he would be in a worse situation. If an ordinary person were struck by Fang Jie’s punch, half of his head would be missing by now.

“Answer me!” Fang Jie leaned in and said to Xie Fuyao.

This gongzi from Yangtze-South who blocked 30 people earlier didn’t seem aggressive at all.

Fang Jie’s punch knocked him down from the sky and into the dust. All the pride that he had was also shattered by this punch.

Since he started cultivation, Xie Fuyao never imagined that he would be forced into such a terrible situation.

“Yes,” Xie Fuyao replied honestly while looking up and wiping away the blood on his lips.


Dust flew into the air, and Xie Fuyao’s body was stomped into the firm road. His body folded a little with his back deep into the road, and his opponent’s eyes were still bright red with murderous spirit.

“You wanted to kill me because I pose a threat to you?” Fang Jie pulled back his foot that was on Xie Fuyao’s abdomen, and he slowly squatted down and said while staring into Xie Fuyao’s eyes, “When you changed your technique, did the murderous spirit in your mind become uncontrollable? Different from locking others’ seas of qi, you wanted to destroy my sea of qi with more powerful attacks, right? If I died, you wouldn’t think you did something wrong. Instead, you would be happy that you took out an opponent early on, right?”

Xie Fuyao had no strength to reply.

Fang Jie’s stomp was too forceful; Xie Fuyao was now inlaid into the road.

“Therefore.” Fang Jie stood straight and said to Xie Fuyao, “I don’t need to feel guilty after killing you now.”

Then, Fang Jie raised his foot and aimed at Xie Fuyao’s forehead.

“Fang Jie, don’t!” Zhang Kuang who had recovered a bit of stamina instantly shouted seeing that Fang Jie wanted to kill Xie Fuyao, and other soldiers also shouted, trying to stop him from making this mistake.

The professors on the city wall were all shocked as well, and Yan Ji even jumped down from the city wall and dashed toward Fang Jie. However, he didn’t dare to approach, afraid that Fang Jie would stomp down faster under pressure.

“Reckless!” Although Cui Pingzhou was enraged by Xie Fuyao’s provocation earlier, he couldn’t watch Fang Jie kill Xie Fuyao with a stomp.

“Enough!” Pei Chuxing stared at Fang Jie with hostility.

Regardless of what happened, they were in the same group as Xie Fuyao.

However, Yu Xiao stood on the side and watched in silence, looking as if he was stunned by the turn of events.

Fang Jie’s foot stopped not far away from Xie Fuyao’s forehead, and he slowly looked back and said with a sneer, “If I broke his skull, would you all think that I overdid it? You all think that this will be a mistake, right? You would be enraged since it would feel like I stomped on you, right? Then, what would you do if Xie Fuyao shattered my sea of qi and killed me?”

Fang Jie’s eyes looked cold and murderous.

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