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Conquer the World Chapter 127.1

Chapter 127: Release the Dogs (Part One)

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The entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy contained five written tests and four martial tests. It seemed like written tests were more important than martial tests, but they weighed less.

When the Martial Arts Academy was established, there were only martial tests, and written tests were added later.

As Great Sui became more powerful and stable, the emperors paid more attention to scholars and civil officials.

Great Sui was established on the back of great military, but civil officials were the ones who managed the empire.

If generals managed the empire, it would become chaotic.

Soon after the First Emperor of Great Sui passed away, the Second Emperor changed the rules of the academy, adding the written tests. Although it was controversial at the time, the Second Emperor brute-forced the decision and made the change.

Then, there was Li Xiao who got excellent ratings in all nine tests and shocked everyone.

Later, the foresight of the Second Emperor of Great Sui became something that people praised. If the students of the Martial Arts Academy were all warriors, it wouldn’t be great for the military. The people with high cultivation strength might not be talented generals. Warriors who could kill many enemies were still fighters; they couldn’t command soldiers.

Great Sui didn’t lack warriors.

Even though written tests were accepted, the Martial Arts Academy still valued martial tests more.

For example, even though Fang Jie received excellent ratings in those five written tests, someone with excellent ratings in these four martial tests would be ranked higher; perhaps someone with excellent ratings in three martial tests would be ranked higher.

If Fang Jie did terrible in the four martial tests, he could only be a civil official in the military. Even though the civil officials in the military were different from the civil officials in the central government, it would still be pitiable not to be able to lead soldiers.

Fang Jie’s excellent ratings in the five written tests weren’t representative of his skills; the Emperor gave him the great ratings since he was well-liked.

If Fang Jie participated in the written tests, it would be great if he received high ratings in three of them. Therefore, Fang Jie valued these four martial tests and wanted to prove himself.

Before coming to the Martial Arts Academy this morning, Fang Jie spent the night at Smooth Spring Garden, and what the Emperor said to him in the last meeting made him not daring to slack.

“Since I met you twice already, it means that you have good abilities. However, the abilities that you showcased so far aren’t enough to surprise me. If you want to have a good future, get a few excellent ratings tomorrow during the martial tests. I’m not stingy on giving rewards. If you have the abilities, you can take more rewards from me.”

The Emperor was telling Fang Jie explicitly that he would be given important tasks if he pleased the Emperor with his strength.

How could Fang Jie let go of this great opportunity?

Since Fang Jie somehow arrived in this world, he wasn’t going to accept a boring life.

Right now, Fang Jie was laughing out loud while lying outside the small city in the training field, and he looked like a fool to those from big families; they looked at him with anger and disdain.

Fang Jie enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment. Also, being hated by others is always a sign of success.

In this exam, the first two martial tests were merged into one, but there would be two ratings. With two excellent ratings now, Fang Jie would be able to enter the Martial Arts Academy for sure. Now that he had seven excellent ratings, it would be unfair if he couldn’t enter.

After resting for about an hour, a professor on the city wall announced the third test, and it was mounted archery.

The warhorses that the Martial Arts Academy had were all kept in the training field, and this wide space was enough for the participants to showcase their horseback riding skills and archery.

Even if some participants hadn’t recovered from the prior two tests, they knew that they couldn’t lay on the ground and rest anymore unless they wanted to quit the exam right now.

However, they were too prideful to give up now.

They could fail, but they would never give up.

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  1. mcard

    Yi sun-shin was a scrappy underdog, so the story goes. Honestly he’s kinda a tragic / poisonous chicken soup story. His first few military examinations before he became a soldier was quite unfortunate, however one day he became the famed admiral of Korea. The man who fought off the japanese and hideyoshi. If the Japanese had Kamakaze, the Koreans had Admiral Yi. with 2 turtle ships and 42 ships? he fended off the warriors and samurai that survived the warring states period. That’s what this military examination brings to mind.

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