Chapter 128: Moves in Chang’an (Part One)

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“Second Nephew-Disciple, why do you think that guy from the Buddhist Sect chose to hide in this cave in Godly Spring Manor?”

Xiang Qingniu got tired after walking up the mountain, so he sat on a boulder and took out a pack of candies from his sleeve. Then, he threw one piece into his mouth and chewed.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist replied, “I found the person that night and severely injured him. Although I don’t know who saved him, since he was so severely injured, he must need to rest somewhere even if he carried the precious Bodhi Pill. Also, the smell of blood must be too strong on him. Cultivation masters from the Royal Guard, the Court of Judicial Review, and the Ministry of Justice are looking for him, and so are the disciples of our daoist temple. In order to find a safe spot to hide, he would need to cover the strong smell of blood. Without a question, the Liquor Pool of Godly Spring Manor is a great place.”

Xiang Qingniu nodded and finished eating the candy. After not hearing the howls of the mastiff dogs, he shook his head and said, “I won’t wait anymore; I’m going in to check. I don’t have time to waste here. After finishing everything here, I need to get to the training field. I hope that I can see Fang Jie’s last test. If I don’t go, that guy will say that I lied about my identity. I’m a supervisor! How can I be looked down upon by him?”

Xiang Qingniu got up and slowly walked toward the cave.

“Little Uncle-Master, let me do it.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist tried to convince him.

“Do you think that I can’t handle it?” Xiang Qingniu rolled his eyes at Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and then walked toward the cave with his black daoist fluttering in the air.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist didn’t dare to lower his guard. After hesitating for a moment, he followed Xiang Qingniu.

Before entering the cave, the slit on his forehead slowly open, and a dark-red light could be vaguely seen.

“Nephew-Disciple, were you born with your godly eye?” Xiang Qingniu asked while walking.


“How did you find that you have this ability?”

“Little Uncle-Master, can I… not say it?”

“What do you think?”

“Little Uncle-Master, my third eye could see through all the fakeries in the world, and I learned the Illusion Bind from Master. It is all due to Master’s teachings. Eh, that is it,” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist blushed while replying with a righteous expression.

“Do you think I would believe that? Let me ask you this. Did you accidentally found that the eye on your forehead could see through walls and see girls bathing naked? And that is why you cultivated diligently? Don’t pretend to be righteous. How can I not know the characters of the daoists on Pure Joy Mountain?”

“Little Uncle-Master… you are also a member of One Qi Daoist Temple.”

“That is why I know you guys well,” Xiang Qingniu replied.

While talking, they already walked into the cave.

Xiang Qingniu got used to the dim light in the cave. Then, he frowned and saw those mastiff dogs stiffing in the cave, looking confused as they didn’t find anything.

Xiang Qingniu shook his head and asked, “Did we come to the wrong place?”

“No.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s expression changed, and he looked around carefully and said, “Before we came up the mountain, people were monitoring this place; no one escaped. The intelligence reports from the Royal Guard shouldn’t be wrong. Since they said that the person is here, there shouldn’t be any mistakes.”

Xiang Qingniu nodded and walked forward.

“Little Uncle-Master, let me go first.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist took a step forward and walked in the front.

Those mastiff dogs couldn’t find a target, so they all calmed down. A few of them couldn’t resist the temptation and even licked the liquor jars with their tongues; it looked like they wanted to taste the delicious liquor.

It was Xiang Qingniu’s first time seeing dogs liking liquor, and he found it funny.

This time, Xiang Qingniu didn’t argue with Phoenix-Chirp Daoist. He followed Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and walked into the depths of the cave. With his left index finger and left middle finger together and pointing out, a faint light blinked on them.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist concentrated on searching the cave. In his third vertical eye on his forehead, it seemed like there was an eyeball moving back and forth, so it felt like his eyes were looking in different directions.

After entering the dim cave, the dark-red light in his third eye seemed even clearer.

“Someone must have hidden here before.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist pointed at a few liquor jars that were opened and said, “If the injured person didn’t have healing pills and ointments, the strong liquor can be used to clean the wounds.”

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