Chapter 128: Moves in Chang’an (Part Three)

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-Beckon of the Red Sleeve-

The crippled old man was humming an unknown tune that sounded desolate and deep while he lay on a bench. He sat up, looked out, and then lay down again.

A window on the third floor opened, and Xi Huamei appeared in front of it.

The crippled old man shook his head toward her and said, “It has been ten years since anyone dared to be reckless in Chang’an. Some people think that Chang’an isn’t scary anymore without him, so it makes sense that they are more arrogant. It is good that troubles came. Those people will get a new perception of Chang’an. Many people in the city are capable of killing, and many of them are better at killing than me.”

Xi Huamei nodded and didn’t say anything else. Then, she closed the window and went back to reading books.

Next to her room, Xi Zhuxin’s expression changed a little upon hearing the crippled old man’s words, but she also looked a little proud.

-Military-Supervising Agency in Chang’an-

Great General Xu Xiaozong of Right Reverent Guard was drinking tea and chatting with Hou Wenji, the Head of the Intelligence Department. He suddenly stopped laughing and looked extremely angry.

He looked at Hou Wenji, and he saw the latter sitting there calmly, not planning to do anything. He was confused, but he didn’t plan on asking.

Xu Xiaozong got up and said, “Pardon me.”

Just as he was about to leave, Hou Wenji smiled and said, “Great General, please take a seat. I didn’t come here to only drink tea.”

“Huh?” Xu Xiaogong stopped and looked at Hou Wenji. “Then, what are you here for, Department Head?”

After thinking for a moment, Hou Wenji replied earnestly, “His Majesty said that Chang’an wouldn’t be peaceful in the next few days. Some small villains think that Chang’an isn’t as powerful as ten years ago, so they are here to cause trouble. However, the military doesn’t need to move. If the military is needed for this small incident, others would look down on Great Sui. Great General, please sit down and relax. The military isn’t the only force that protests His Majesty’s dignity.”

At this moment, a scholarly-looking middle-aged man walked in.

After looking at Xu Xiaogong, he looked at Hou Wenji and asked with a cold tone, “How come His Majesty knows that troubles would arise today? If you told His Majesty, why didn’t you inform the Military-Supervising Agency?”

Hou Wenji stood up and bowed before saying, “Greetings, Great General Yu. His Majesty doesn’t know that things would happen today. Since someone from the Buddhist Sect is here to cause trouble, His Majesty thinks that people from the Daoist Sect should deal with it. Otherwise, others might say that Great Sui doesn’t have great cultivation masters. You know that His Majesty values the Daoist Sect. When needed, His Majesty would use it. After promoting and nurturing the Daoist Sect, it is time to see if it is useful or not.”

Great General Yu was Yu Manlou, the Great General of Left Martial Guard, which was one of the Imperial Six Guards.

Yu Xiao was his son.

Hearing Hou Wenji’s words, Yu Manlou frowned and said, “Since this is His Majesty’s command, I will follow it. However, if the people of One Qi Daoist Temple or other people don’t have the strength to do the work, then don’t occupy the spot. The military of Great Sui’s purpose is to defend His Majesty’s dignity.”

Yu Manlou’s meaning was clear; he didn’t trust One Qi Daoist Temple and the Royal Guard. The pride of Great Sui’s military was showcased in this great general. Perhaps in his eyes, no one was trustworthy other than the members of the military.

Although Hou Wenji was displeased, he maintained the smile and said, “Great General, somethings aren’t as simple as they seem. People are in their positions not only to earn money and show prestige. Since some people want to test Chang’an, they will see how terrifying it is. I promise.”

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