Chapter 129: Difference (Part Two)

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With a few light kicks, he reached the second white line, which was 80 meters away from the targets. He pulled out an arrow and shot it before moving back and shooting the fourth arrow. His movement was smooth like flowing water.

When he reached the third white line that was 90 meters away, not many participants kept up with him.

Zhang Kuang was only about 10 meters away to the left of Fang Jie. Although he was injured, he still showed shocking talent in this test.

While Fang Jie moved back after shooting the fifth arrow, he glanced around and saw that Zhang Kuang was slightly faster than him by about half a meter.

On the other side, Yu Xiao, the son of Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard, was almost on par with Fang Jie.

Clearly, Great General Yu Manlou was strict with his son. Yu Xiao’s posture when running and shooting was textbook; even the trainers in the military couldn’t be any better.

Different from Fang Jie’s style, Yu Xiao shot his arrows without stopping at all; his archery seemed even better.

He shot every arrow after only slight aiming.

Further away, there were a few talented participants on par with Fang Jie. About 70 percent of them came from the military.

In these tests, the advantages of soldiers were showcased completely.

It took Fang Jie less than two minutes to move back four times and shoot out nine arrows.

Only one to two people were faster, about seven others were on pair with him, and about five people were slightly slower.

At this moment, trouble appeared.

Zhang Kuang and another soldier who reached the fifth white line earlier than Fang Jie froze for a second, not knowing how to shoot the tenth arrow.

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When Fang Jie got in position, he finally realized why Zhang Kuang hesitated after getting to this line first. The tenth arrow required the participants to switch positions. If the people in the lead moved to the next position, their vision would be blocked by the participants who were still running back.

These participants who were slower than them were the obstacles in the way of their tenth arrows.

However, if they waited for others to get to the fifth white line, the advantage that they obtained would be gone.

While Fang Jie quickly thought about this, he saw Zhang Kuang looking over. He instantly understood Zhang Kuang’s intention, but he shook his head.

They were about ten meters apart, and at least six people were in their way.

If the two of them tried to change positions, it would be too long, and other participants in between them might reach the fifth white line and block their way.

They were only ahead by a little, so they couldn’t waste the lead.

Since there was no time to waste, Fang Jie instantly jumped to the spot next to him. He lowered his center of gravity when he landed and gathered strength in his legs.

For a moment, he felt his leg muscles contracting and bulging up. This feeling instantly increased his confidence.

His legs unleashed an explosive force after he bent his knees, and he jumped into the air while taking out the last arrow and shooting it toward the target.

At this moment, the participant in the way was less than a meter away, and Fang Jie’s arrow almost scraped his scalp.

This participant gasped and subconsciously bent his back to dodge.

Fang Jie smiled at him apologetically, and his tensed-up muscles relaxed.

Then, he walked back and untied the quiver on his back. A soldier on the side walked over and took back the bow and quiver.

Fang Jie found a boulder and sat down. While chewing on a hairy grass, he watched other participants take the test. It was a unique feeling now watching others after finishing the test.

Zhang Kuang handed his bow and quiver to a soldier, walked over to Fang Jie, and sat down. He said with a smile, “I thought I could be better than you in this test, but I hesitated and lost the lead. Ah, if I knew a participant like you is from the military this year, I wouldn’t have come.”

Fang Jie smiled and said, “You could be even faster.”

Zhang Kuang froze for a moment before shaking his head with a bitter smile, “I reached my limit.”

“How many times did you look at me during the test?” Fang Jie asked.

“Four times,” Zhang Kuang answered honestly.

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