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Conquer the World Chapter 129.3

Chapter 129: Difference (Part Three)

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“You wanted to win too much,” Fang Jie sighed and said in a calm tone while stretching, “Because you wanted to win too much, you got distracted. You checked my position repeatedly to see if I surpassed you. Although the time used in one glance is minuscule, it would still affect your concentration. If you focused on shooting your arrows, you would be faster than me by two meters. However, you were only faster than me by one meter when you reached the fifth line, and your hesitation in the last moment wasted the lead.”

Zhang Kuang nodded and said after a moment of silence, “I did really want to be better than you.”

He pulled a hairy grass from the ground and chewed on it like Fang Jie. “I already said that this is the only chance I have to be better than you in one test. After this test, I won’t get another chance.”

“Why do you want to win this bad?” Fang Jie asked.

Zhang Kuang hesitated for a long while. Then, he turned toward Fang Jie and said earnestly, “Probably because of jealousy.”

Fang Jie patted Zhang Kuang’s shoulder and didn’t speak.

Zhang Kuang smiled and said, “People are like this; we are jealous of stronger people. Sorry, you see me as a friend, but I see you as an opponent.”

Fang Jie slowly shook his head and said lightly, “If I didn’t see everyone as my opponent, how could I be better than most people?”

Zhang Kuang froze for a moment and nodded as if he understood something.

At this moment, a fat figure floated toward Fang Jie and laughed, “Little Fang Jie, did you miss me after not seeing me for a few days? I’m here to see if you f*cked up your tests. If you did, I plan on eating good food to celebrate.”

Fang Jie smiled when he saw this figure, but his expression turned stern when he saw how dirty this man was.

“What happened?” Fang Jie asked with a frown when he saw that Xiang Qingniu’s daoist robe was torn at several places.

“I went to take care of your trouble. Instead of handling it, I got f*cked!” Xiang Qingniu sat down beside Fang Jie and said while panting, “I found that… Who is this?”

Xiang Qingniu pointed at Zhang Kuang.

Zhang Kuang recognized the daoist robe that Xiang Qingniu was wearing and knew what it represented. He instantly got up, cupped his hands, and bowed while saying, “Greetings, Spiritual Master. I’m Zhang Kuang, a participant in the entrance exam. I’m a lieutenant from Anyan City.”

Xiang Qingniu laughed and said, “You are a peer of Little Fang Jie. Haha, you sure look talented. Can you rest on the side? I have something to talk to Little Fang Jie.”

“Ok,” Zhang Kuang said with a smile, “I will go and check on other brothers.”

After saying that, Zhang Kuang turned around and walked away. When he turned around, the humble and sincere smile on his face disappeared. He thought of something, and sadness flashed in his eyes.

While walking toward other participants, Zhang Kuang’s expression turned cold.

Hearing Fang Jie chatting and laughing with that fatty in black, Zhang Kuang’s expression turned even gloomier.

“I was foolish enough to try to come on top once. The Emperor values you, and you have relationships with people in the Royal Guard, Gold-Sharing Duke Wu Yidao, the boss of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, and several grand scholars. That pretty female professor even seems to like you. Now, a spiritual master appeared and seems to know you well. How can I be compared to you?”

“Fang Jie… What is your real identity?”

“Zhang Kuang… How dumb are you? You are only a little lieutenant who has little future. You don’t know people in the Royal Guard, Gold-Sharing Duke, and grand scholars. You never walked into Beckon of the Red Sleeve, you can’t casually chat with the professors of the Martial Arts Academy, and no big figures in the Daoist Sect would come to talk to you. You won’t be valued by His Majesty. You are only a small figure who had to marry the daughter of a clan chief of Northern Man before killing her for military merit to survive.”

“Zhang Kuang, the difference between you and Fang Jie is too big.”

Zhang Kuang thought to himself as he walked away with a bitter smile on his face.

[TL Note: It seems like there is going to be a backstory about Zhang Kuang.]

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  1. mcard

    the crime of being weak, the emotions of being young. Not everyone is dealt a gold hand, however he who laughs last laughs best, sometimes surviving and being old is enough. Hence why seniors are so respected in ancient times, for old ginger is always spicy, since if they weren’t they’d be dead.

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