Chapter 13: A Total of 25 Names (Part One)

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Although January passed, the weather was still cold here. In fact, it still snowed at Fangu. However, it was much better compared to the other side of Wolf Breast Mountain Range. There was no blockage of wind on the flat grassland when wind blew from the north, and the Mongo-Yuan Empire didn’t have many big cities. Since its citizens liked living in tents, the wind was especially cruel to them.

The people on the grassland called the wind with snow white-haired wind.

Every white-haired wind came with a catastrophe.

White-haired wind was a nightmare for the people on the grassland.

When thinking about this, the people in Fangu were happy. The residents of Fangu weren’t farmers. It was cold in Fangu half of the year, and the crops couldn’t even grow higher than wild weed. Before, they relied on the central government to supply them with food. Now, they relied on trade. Therefore, they didn’t need to worry about extreme cold; there was enough food in Fangu to last three years.

Due to the snow, the regular training of the soldiers was canceled by Li Xiaozong. However, the soldiers couldn’t go home. Since Northern Liao people came here to sell warhorses, it was hard to tell how the Mongo-Yuan Empire would react. Before, this little city blocked 40,000 soldiers of Mongo-Yuan and Mandu Latu’s father, Mandu Lang. Li Xiaozong didn’t want Fangu to be conquered by Mandu Latu when he was in charge here.

“Fang Jie hasn’t come to check-in for about half a month now, right?”
Li Gandang who was promoted from a lieutenant to a captain squatted on the ground and lit his tobacco pipe. “Who was that bold to beat him? Although Fang Jie can’t cultivate, he is still a good fighter and can take on seven to eight ordinary people. How come he got beat like that? Who hates him that much in Fangu?”

The tobacco was grown locally, and it was strong enough to make people cough.

“Should we ask for a break from General and go visit Fang Jie?”

Fu Baobao grabbed a handful of snow and rubbed his face. Although it was cold in the beginning, his face would get warmer later. He was a scout, so some habits couldn’t be easily changed. Once, everyone else in his scout team died, but he didn’t want to become the new sergeant of the scout team and wanted to be a corporal of a normal team. Sometimes, after seeing death, one wouldn’t get used to it but would rather become more fearful of it.

“General issued a strict order; no one can leave here.”

Li Gandang sighed and said, “In normal days, that kid isn’t likeable. However, after not seeing him for a few days, I miss him a little.”

“Captain, do you miss Fang Jie or hotpot?” Qiu Xiaoshu got close and teased.

“F*ck off! I’m a deeply emotional person, alright?” Li Gandang rolled his eyes at Qiu Xiaoshu and said, “Look at how dirty you are; not loyal at all. In my opinion, if we are in a desperate situation, you will be the first one to escape. You only have hotpot on your mind and not your comrades. If you were with Fang Jie when he got beaten, perhaps you would have escaped.”

Qiu Xiaoshu blushed; he wanted to refute but endured it in the end.

Li Gandang smoked the tobacco and said, “Since fate put us in the same camp, we should treasure each other. Fang Jie is our brother, and we are on the same boat. He got bullied, so we can’t sit back and watch. Later, I will beg General again, and we will investigate it further with our team!”

Fu Baobao nodded and said, “Captain, you are right. We are lucky enough to have you as our captain. If Fang Jie learns about this, he will be thankful as well.”

While they talked, a team of people suddenly appeared outside the gate of the encampment. Since they were all in white cloaks, they were only visible to the soldiers when they got close. They were all riding great horses, and there were only about 50 of them. The person in the lead took off a token from his belt and tossed it to the soldier guarding the gate. Seeing the token, the soldier quickly ran toward the tent where Li Xiaozong stayed in.

“Who are they? So arrogant… not getting off their horses at the gate.”

“Although the military is stronger compared to before, the entire Right Valiant Guard doesn’t have more than 2,000 horses. These people’s warhorses are not ordinary horses. They must have a big background.”

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