Chapter 130: Flexible Use of Tactics (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t notice Zhang Kuang’s desolate figure.

Right now, he mostly wanted to know why Xiang Qingniu only came to the training field now, looking disheveled.

It was clear that he just went through a battle.

In reality, Fang Jie was curious about Xiang Qingniu’s cultivation strength. He thought that Xiang Qingniu was only a con artist, but it turned out that this young man had such a high status in the Daoist Sect.

How could someone on the same level as Spiritual Master Xiao be a wastrel?

Fang Jie self-mocked and said that he was a wastrel who couldn’t cultivate. However, he was now making a group of gongzi jealous. Since he even experienced such a transformation, Fang Jie wouldn’t be surprised if Xiang Qingniu’s strength was insanely powerful.

However, this fat daoist seemed to only care about Fang Jie’s test results; he didn’t say anything more after mentioning doing clean-up for Fang Jie.

Fang Jie rolled his eyes at Xiang Qingniu and asked, “Are you really hoping that I won’t make it into the Martial Arts Academy?”

“Yeah,” the fatty daoist smiled innocently.


“Do you think the Martial Arts Academy is fun? Your days would be boring. Except for studying and learning, there is more studying and learning. Just think about it! No delicious food, no great liquor, and no beauties; how painful would that be? Little Fang Jie, how can someone as dirty as you hold it in? Although there are female students in the Martial Arts Academy, can they be considered women?”

“Why does it seem so strange when the word ‘women’ comes out of your mouth?” Fang Jie mocked, “After wearing this daoist robe, your strength increased, and you became more shameless. Your tongue didn’t twist when you said the word ‘women’. Don’t BS with me; where did you go?”

Xiang Qingniu glared at Fang Jie and said seriously, “You lack the respect toward an unworldly master of the Daoist Sect. If you make more rude comments, I will find Principal Zhou and ask him to expel you.”

Pia! Fang Jie kicked Xiang Qingniu’s butt and was too lazy to reply.

“Damn it! If someone in One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain dares to kick my butt, I would have asked my second nephew-disciple who oversees punishment to arrest and beat him. The offender would need to grow another layer of skin and lose the ability to have kids!”

Pia! Fang Jie kicked Xiang Qingniu’s butt again, only more forceful this time.

“Quickly tell me where you were. If you aren’t going to say anything, then f*ck off.”

“Can’t you beg me?”

“Are you going to speak or f*ck off?”

Xiang Qingniu couldn’t do anything, so he patted Fang Jie’s shoulder and said with a flattering smile, “Do you have candy on you? I’m a bit hungry to begin with, and I ran too fast, wanting to see you mess up your tests. Now, I’m feeling a little anxious.”

Fang Jie rolled his eyes before taking out a pack of candies and tossing it toward Xiang Qingniu.

Xiang Qingniu quickly grabbed the pack, took out one candy, and put it in his mouth. While chewing with a satisfied expression, he smiled and said, “My extremely powerful second nephew-disciple found that guy from the Buddhist Sect, but he wasn’t careful and fell into a trap. If I didn’t react fast, perhaps it would be a pile of flesh coming here to ask you for candy.”

Fang Jie imagined a pile of flesh reaching out a hand and asking for candy; it was indeed disgusting.

“You guys fell into a trap, and you still didn’t find that man in the end, right?”

“What are you talking about. My second nephew disciple is born with a godly eye, and Mr. Zhuo of the Royal Guard got there. Even if that disciple of the Buddhist Sect turned into a bird, he couldn’t fly away. That man is already found. If I didn’t want to come here to see if you got disqualified, I would have gone along to watch the show.”

Fang Jie mocked, “Should I thank you for this?”

Xiang Qingniu replied, “Don’t mention it.”

“F*ck off!” Fang Jie cursed before lying on the grass to rest.

Seeing this, Xiang Qingniu knew that Fang Jie was pleased by the results of his tests, so he laughed and asked, “How was it? Is there hope for you to get into the top three?”

Fang Jie didn’t respond. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Fatty, tell me something. Is the most powerful force in the world, the Buddhist Sect, truly invincible?”

“Why did you suddenly think of this?”

“I’m curious.”

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