Chapter 130: Flexible Use of Tactics (Part Three)

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It was a nightmare for Lu Fan to battle Fang Jie.

He sneak-attacked Fang Jie before, and he knew that this young man who was in the center of attention wouldn’t go easy on him!

Upon thinking, Lu Fan’s expression turned extremely gloomy. He didn’t dare to imagine how he was going to be tortured. He looked down at Fang Jie in the beginning, thinking that Fang Jie was physically weak.

When he saw Fang Jie knocking away Xie Fuyao with a punch, Lu Fan realized how wrong he was.

“How should I fight this?” Lu Fan thought with a headache.

At this moment, the bronze gong sounded again; the first round began!

Seeing the young man standing in front of him, Lu Fan swallowed his saliva with difficulty and said, “Brother Fang… Hello.”

Fang Jie cupped his hands and greeted politely, “Good to see you again, Brother Lu.”

Lu Fan’s lips twitched a little, and he said with an awkward smile, “Uh… Brother Fang, you know that I got injured earlier. In this battle, please go easy on me. It isn’t a deathmatch, so let’s behave like men of virtue and stop when necessary, not crossing the line.”

“Ok,” Fang Jie replied with a smile, “I like being a man of virtue.”

“Really?” Lu Fan was overjoyed.

“Of course. Brother Lu, do you think I’m not a man of virtue?”

“Of course, you are! Brother Fang, you are being kind despite the grudge. I feel ashamed. Brother Fang, let’s start. Remember to stop when…”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “I got it.”

As soon as he finished, he stomped on the ground and shot forward like a cannonball.

Lu Fan didn’t expect Fang Jie who was speaking kindly and talking about being men of virtue to suddenly charge over and punch his chin shamelessly.

This punch was so forceful that Lu Fan’s jaw was almost dislocated.

The more enraging thing was that Fang Jie murmured when he threw the punch, “I got to stop.”

After knocking Lu Fan away, he added, “Don’t cross the line.”

Although this punch was heavy, Fang Jie didn’t use all his force. He found that he could use his muscles proficiently, much stronger than when he was at Fangu.

Although Lu Fan looked terrible, he wasn’t that injured.

Lu Fan quickly got up and cursed while pointing at Fang Jie, “You are shameless! Didn’t we agree on stopping and not crossing the line?”

Fang Jie shrugged innocently and said, “Yeah, you aren’t that injured.”

Lu Fan glared at Fang Jie and saw a supervisor walking by. He instantly waved his hand and said, “Supervisor! Supervisor! I admit defeat!”

The supervisor who was young and fat got surprised. Then, he pointed at Lu Fan and cursed in anger, “Admit defeat? Even if you aren’t ashamed, I am ashamed for you! Not allowed!”

“Not allowed?” Lu Fan was surprised and asked, “Not allowed to admit defeat? What?”

The fat supervisor said proudly, “I’m a supervisor. Since I said it isn’t allowed, then it isn’t allowed! This is the rule, alright?”

After saying that, he blinked at Fang Jie and said in a low voice, “I can only help you this much.”

On the viewing platform, a professor pointed toward Fang Jie and said in surprise, “This is unexpected. I thought that the participant named Fang Jie would finish the first round quickly. With his strength, it shouldn’t be hard to defeat Lu Fan since Lu Fan is already injured. Why is he so slow?”

“Slow?” Principal Zhou snorted, “He probably thinks it is still too fast.”

“Huh?” The professor was confused. “Why?”

Principal Zhou smiled and said, “Didn’t you think about this? The faster someone finishes the first battle, the tougher the second opponent would be. Fang Jie is intentionally dragging this out. He is waiting for the people who pose threats to him to pick their opponents for the second round first.”

The professor asked in disbelief, “Does this count as the flexible use of tactics?”

Principal Zhou snorted, “You can see it as being shameless.”

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