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Conquer the World Chapter 131.1

Chapter 131: Only Idiots Don’t Think They Are Idiots (Part One)

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The professor of the Martial Arts Academy still said that Fang Jie was using tactics flexibly; he didn’t want to call Fang Jie shameless out of courtesy.

However, everyone here knew that Principal Zhou was praising Fang Jie by calling him shameless instead of scolding him.

Royal King Yi who was sitting beside Principal Zhou to represent the Emperor also laughed and praised. He whispered to Principal Zhou, “This is what a smart person would do. The military doesn’t lack brave, fearless, and cold men, but it is rare to see people like Fang Jie who are clever.”

Principal Zhou nodded and didn’t say anything; he simply stared at the young man from Fangu with interest.

The professor who asked the question shook his head and said with slight disappointment, “In my opinion, soldiers should be brave and fearless. Even if they know tough situations lie ahead, they should head straight forward with courage. This should be the spirit that is promoted by the military. People like Fang Jie are too afraid; they lack sharpness.”

Royal King Yi shook his head with a smile and said, “Then let’s bet. In a real battle, do you think the fearless people will have a higher chance of survival or people like Fang Jie? What is the key to winning?”

Professor Mo Wanwu on the side thought for a moment and said, “Strength.”

Royal King Yi shook his head and didn’t speak; he waited to see if others could give another answer.

“Preparation,” another professor replied seriously, “All kinds of situations would arise on the battlefield, so sufficient preparation is the key to success. You will only win all the time when you know yourself and the enemy.”

Royal King Yi nodded and said, “Even when you have strength, you might get defeated without preparation.”

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, Professor Qiu Yi who was sitting on the side quietly said something. Although it was quiet, Royal King Yi heard it, and he nodded and said, “That is right.”

“Survival.” This was Qiu Yu’s answer.

Royal King Yi couldn’t help but sigh, “You need to survive first to win. Perhaps many of you think Fang Jie is being too timid and cunning, losing the sharpness of a soldier of Great Sui. However, this is the most correct decision. The first opponent wouldn’t be that strong, so it is better to use this opponent to warm up and get into the rhythm, but you can’t finish this battle too fast. The people who could finish the first round quickly would all be great cultivation masters. How tough would the battles be when these people meet each other in the second round? Even if some defeat their opponents, how much energy would they use? They might be even injured.”

“After defeating tough opponents in the second round and potentially sustaining injuries, how hard would the third round be?” Yang Yin smiled and said, “By dragging it on, Fang Jie’s second-round opponent wouldn’t be that strong. If he drags on the second round, his third round wouldn’t be that hard as well. He would be winning, but he would conserve the most strength as well. Then, in the last round, he could show all his strength, and his opponent would be tired out from the previous fights. His chance of winning would be much higher.”

After pausing for a second, Yang Yin added, “What is the best tactic? The tactic that could help you win.”

Principal Zhou who hadn’t spoken all this time nodded and said, “This little guy made me think of someone else. Now when people mention him, they would refer to him with respect. He created the insane record of nine excellent ratings.”

Now, everyone knew who Principal Zhou was talking about.

Only one person received nine excellent ratings in the history of the Martial Arts Academy, and that man was Li Xiao, the most famous general when the Second Emperor was in power.

Whenever Li Xiao was mentioned, people would instantly think about his insane record in the Martial Arts Academy. Also, he never suffered a single defeat when he led soldiers.

These glorious records were documented by the Li Family as well as Great Sui. Many years after, people still respected what he had achieved.

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