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Conquer the World Chapter 131.2

Chapter 131: Only Idiots Don’t Think They Are Idiots (Part Two)

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Principal Zhou said with a smile, “It seems like most of you forgot how he received these nine excellent ratings. The five excellent ratings for the five written tests don’t need to be mentioned; Li Xiao was more like a scholar than a general. Even those grand scholars might not be on his knowledge level. In terms of martial tests, he used the tactic that Fang Jie is using right now to secure his top spot in the last martial test. He was more scholarly, and his strength wasn’t in the top 30. However, he still became the champion. How did he do it? Those who were stronger than him were too sharp and aggressive with big egos, not willing to admit defeat. They all quickly finished the first round and fought each other. In the last round, the people who were stronger than Li Xiao no longer had the strength.”

Then, Principal Zhou looked toward the young man on the training field and said, “That was about 100 years ago. Most of us forgot about the cunning tactic and only remember the glorious records. Fang Jie is good; he didn’t forget.”

At this moment, many royal guards locked down the town at the foot of Godly Spring Mountain and the only path down the mountain. No one was allowed to move, including the people of Godly Spring Manor; they could only go down the mountain after the lockdown was over.

At the foot of the mountain, Meng Wudi, the Deputy of the Intelligence Department, looked up at the mountain with a gloomy expression. Even with his identity, he couldn’t go up the mountain.

The enemies were insanely powerful, and one of them was that disciple of the Buddhist Sect who killed a person and got away under his nose.

Meng Wudi’s biggest strength was the recognition of his own power. He knew that his cultivation strength might not be useful at all in today’s operation.

The three people who went up the mountain were all much stronger than him.

The first person was Zhuo Buyi, the man with no official position but was the third in command at the Royal Guard. He was so talented that even the Emperor pardoned him! After all, the crime that he was charged with was rebellion!

The second person was Phoenix-Chirp Daoist of One Qi Daoist Temple. He ranked no.2 among the four disciples of Spiritual Master Xiao. In fact, his prestige was higher than his senior brother, Crane-Chirp Daoist. Phoenix-Chirp Daoist oversaw punishment, and all disciples feared him.

The third person was the senior in the sapphire robe who always accompanied the Emperor. He wasn’t a part of the Royal Guard nor the military. He was someone in the Royal Palace, and he only listened to the Emperor.

Meng Wudi’s status wasn’t low, so he knew some secrets. He knew that this senior weighed as much as Royal Captain Luo in the Emperor’s eyes.

Royal Captain Luo led the Royal Guard, so he was well-known since he handled many errands. This senior only protected the important people in the Royal Palace, so very few people knew him.

Weng Wudi only heard that this senior’s name was Li Nan, meaning separation disaster. He didn’t know why this senior’s name was so ominous. It had to be noted that many things were taboos in the Royal Palace; an ominous name was one of them.

Meng Wudi also knew that there was more than one mysterious cultivation master in the Royal Palace. Although it seemed like the Royal Guard was in charge of protecting Chang’an and the Emperor, there were many hidden masters around the Emperor.

Otherwise, the Emperor wouldn’t have survived so many assassination attempts.

After thinking about Li Nan, Meng Wudi naturally thought about Su Buwei.

That eunuch seemed to be a hidden master as well.

After staying in the Royal Guard for a long time, Meng Wudi realized how insignificant he was. He was proud when he was promoted to his current position. He thought his future was going to be bright.

Now, he realized that he underestimated the Royal Guard and the Royal Palace.

Meng Wudi was a level 8 cultivation master. If he traveled around the world, he would make a name for himself. At least he could defeat the leaders of small sects and factions.

He had thought that his strength would rank high in the Royal Guard, but he later found out that he was promoted to his position, not because of his level 8 cultivation strength; he was only promoted since he was a smooth talker and knew his place.

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    summarizing scenes from the tv show billions

    SEC investigator and head prosecutor interrogating a employee of Bobby Axelrod’s company & investment firm Axe captial.

    Explain to me how Bobby goes through his day, what does he do, how does he think, what does he see.

    Bobby doesn’t run his company like normal investment firms, he could make more money going to bigger investment firms…(like goldman sacs or UBS). However at Axe capital he doesn’t have a set schedule, he’s a king. He operates like an aircraft carrier with him at the center of all the concentric circles of people. Everything revolves around him, he was a million things going through his mind and processes them like a machine. One day he might be interested in Brazilian oil, the next he might hone onto plastic injections in Virginia. What he says goes, if he wants Sandwiches for lunch, thats whats for lunch. That’s how Bobby operates, sound familiar?

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