Chapter 131: Only Idiots Don’t Think They Are Idiots (Part Three)

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If someone who didn’t know his place was the Intelligence Department Deputy, would that person be as humble and docile in front of Zhuo Buyi who had no official position?

Others might not be able to do it, but Meng Wudi could.

Also, Meng Wudi was talented at dealing with errands. Instead of praising his strength, his management ability should be praised. He was a great manager but not a great cultivation master.

Therefore, even though Meng Wudi was curious as to what was happening on the mountain, such as shocking battles, fascinating stories, and bizarre techniques, he still stood at the foot of the mountain and locked down all the roads.

The enemies on the mountain should be proud of the treatment that they were getting from the Royal Guard.

The person whose trace was discovered was indeed proud. He had been proud since he joined the Buddhist Sect.

In fact, on top of being proud of himself, he made other people proud as well.

He was the most-liked disciple of Wisdom Heavenly Lord, Great Wheel Wisdom King’s second disciple.

Wisdom Heavenly Lord had said that among all his disciples, Chenya had the highest chance of reaching the peak and becoming a heavenly lord himself.

Also because of his pride, Chenya almost died in Chang’an.

Chenya was proud and arrogant, but he was defenseless in front of Phoenix-Chirp Daoist that night. If he weren’t saved by someone at the critical moment, he would have been imprisoned in a dungeon somewhere in Chang’an, and his shoulder blades would have been penetrated by iron chains.

In other places outside Great Sui, those who disrespected and imprisoned disciples of the Buddhist Sect would be known as heretics, and they would be burned alive while their families would be executed. However, this was normal in Great Sui.

Therefore, Chenya finally understood why his master called Great Sui the place where demons and devils ran loose.

Wisdom Heavenly Lord tried to spread Buddhism in Great Sui, but the people of Great Sui ignored him. This was hard to imagine for others.

If Wisdom Heavenly Lord went to any other place, even the royalties would have to greet him!

In Great Sui where demons and devils ran loose, the people who knelt before members of the Buddhist Sect would be looked down upon.

Chenya sat on a giant tree cross-legged. The thick leaves and branches covered his figure.

He was still quite injured. If those two strikes from Phoenix-Chirp Daoist landed on someone else, that person might have died already.

Even though Chenya was severely injured, he still didn’t take the pill that could recover most of his strength in a short time. Instead, he collected some ingredients on the mountain and mixed them with the pill and aged liquor of Godly Spring Manor, creating a killer bomb.

He thought that the red-robed daoist would find him first. He wasn’t wrong, but Xiang Qingniu came along.

Even if he expected Xiang Qingniu to come along, he wouldn’t think that the fat and dull daoist could detect his killer trap.

Since Chenya didn’t consume his spiritual pill, his injuries didn’t heal.

The repulsive forces from Phoenix-Chirp Daoist were inside his body and damaged his body like ants and bugs damaging a tree.

Since Chenya started to cultivate, he had never been in such a terrible situation before.

Chenya closed his eyes and thought about how to get out of this situation.

A cicada was chirping not far away from his hideout, making him a little anxious.

Just as he was about to get rid of this cicada, it suddenly stopped moving its wings and became silent.

Chenya couldn’t help but look over.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he detected danger.

Without hesitation, he moved from the spot and jumped down the tree like a bolt of lightning.

When he landed, the cicada that was chirping also fell to the ground.

It was still alive, but it couldn’t move.

Not far away, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s third vertical eye on his forehead was opened, and a dark-red light was flashing in it.

If Chenya didn’t move fast, he would be in the same situation as that cicada, losing his freedom and falling off the tree.

“This method could be used to sneak-attack others once. I would be too stupid if I get restricted by it for the second time.” Chenya still sounded aggressive despite his heavy injuries.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist sneered and said, “Only idiots don’t think they are idiots.”

Chenya was surprised, and he suddenly realized that he could no longer move. He didn’t look into Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s third eye and dodge the Illusion Bind; how did he get caught?

He got the answer soon.

About a dozen meters away, a middle-aged man in ordinary clothes walked out from behind a tree; his expression was calm, and he walked slowly.

Drawing on the ground and creating a prison.

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